Vicci Get’s a New Ride! She Will Definitely ‘Enjoy This Ride’


Check out Vicci Martinez’s new ride! She opted for the black Audi! Great choice Vicci! ENJOY THE RIDE! Vicci’s close friend and former ‘Voice’ roommate Emily Valentine was happy to tweet us this sweet picture! Thanks Em! Hey Vicci can I get a ride??

Emily also sneaked a photo of Vicci signing for her car yesterday and posted it via Twitter! Vicci is looking very intense. I think she’s thinking “am I done signing my life away yet?” LOL Either way Vicci you are so adorable.



  1. nicnaughty1 says:

    Hey , how did u take my pic that Emily tweeted to me? LMAO I would’ve shared it with you anyway. 🙂 Yes, I love Emily and Vicci and this ride is fire!! Audi’s are so damn hot and drive so smooth. I can def see Vic driving this. Good luck Vic , I know you’ll Enjoy the Ride!

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