Vicci Martinez Music Makes an Impact Around the World

Vicci Martinez appearances on The Voice are making their way around the world and she is gaining more fans internationally.  Just as important is that people hear some of her core messages. Just read this note from a fan in the Phillipines!

FINALLY Enjoying the Ride 😉

I’m from the Philippines and when my friend got back from the US… he told me about a show called “The Voice” I decided to check it out. When I saw Vicci perform “Rolling In The Deep”. I was AMAZED! I haven’t had anyone make that kind of impression on me since Allison Iraheta from American Idol did “Alone”.
After the season ended I decided to check out some of Vicci’s songs and I found a song that brought me to tears. It’s called “Enjoy The Ride”. Being 16 years old and a Junior in High School… this is where I plan for my future. Planning for college. Planning on schedules when I’m actually in college. Stuff like that. Plus I’m in the theater club so I was also thinking about “When am I gonna get that role?” or “Am I actually gonna be featured this year?”. These things drove me crazy. When I listened to this song I realized that I should really just enjoy my life how it is. I am blessed to be able to be put into a great school. I am blessed to have a family that help me go through all these teenage trials. I am blessed that I even got IN the play. It doesn’t matter if I’m gonna be a lead or not… I’m in it! She taught me to stop worrying about what might or might not happen in my life.
Thank you Vicci for writing this song. I may not have my life all figured out yet… but who cares? I can’t just let that bother me. I’ll probably be missing a big part of my life if I do. Life is short so live it to the fullest and let God lead the way.
Theres this thing we do in the Philippines. When a girl turns 18… we have a party(a debut) to celebrate her becoming an adult. I really want to sing this song for my debut to share what I learned in life and tell me friends and relatives like… Hey. I may not have the PERFECT life… but I’m happy. I’m blessed. I’m loved! 🙂 I may not know what the rest of my life holds… but I do know that I am enjoying what is happening now. I enjoy the things I have now. I enjoy the people I am around with.
So once again… thank you Vicci for changing my perspective on how to live my life!
Love. Andie
PS – I was actually tearing up while writing this. And Vicci… you have also inspired me to write my own song. It’s called “Born For Greatness” because your song “Enjoy The Ride” also told me that we should enjoy the life that is happening to us now because we are born for great things and we need to make the best of it 🙂
PPS(I think that’s the right term :P) – I LOVE YOU VICCI! Thanks so much! WARRIORS FOR LOVE!

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