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Vicci Martinez stopped in Boise on the last leg of her initial radio promo tour. Michelle Hernandez  – @missylea wrote this article for Fusion Magazine @i_amFusion (http://fusion-mag.com/content/vicci-martinez)

We had the pleasure of welcoming an aspiring and talented artist Vicci Martinez, to the Varsity Pub Wednesday night. The place was packed anticipating the arrival of Martinez. She accelerated the crowd with her soulful acoustic-oriented performances while stimulating the audience for more. It’s been a year since she was in the final round of The Voice representing Cee Lo Green; she is now signed with Universal Republic Records. With her astonishing tone and depth, she performed her new cover single “Come Along” ft. Cee Lo Green.

“I come from a blues, soul and funk background”, which is what she has been portraying over the last 10 to 12 years. She believes in the powerful and meaningful lyrics “time flies, make a statement, take a stand”, to always do the work for yourself and not expect others to. She is promoting her record on her own, not just to make people know her, but to know this song. Guests had the privilege of previewing her new album that has not been released yet, while doing a meet and greet with the audience. Idaho was the end of her west coast radio promo tour, so she wanted to do it with a “Bang”. Vicci Martinez album comes out June 19th so be sure to check it out!


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