Vicci Martinez’s Video ‘Come Along’ Hits Our TV’s as Her Song Hits #19 on the Charts




“Best Show in My Life!”

That’s right, you heard it here. Vicci has dubbed her recent show in Napa, CA the best ever.  Just a few weeks prior to that Vicci took part in Live at 35, presented by my103.9. She performed for some lucky SouthWest airlines customers at 35,000 ft in the air! What a combination!

Best show followed by best day of my life? That we do not know, but surely April 5th is a day Vicci will remember for a long time. The official music video for ‘Come Along’, directed by Jon Jon Augustavo, is finally here and receiving great reviews. Andrew Villagomez from writes, “..the video is a simple feel-good number about joining together for a cause.” He also writes “..Martinez visualizes that in the video-which promotes diversity and unity-by having different races and sexualities come together for a joyful celebration.” Chelsea Lewis from writes, “ over the top story line is needed, because Martinez captures her fans by simply performing.” Atta girl! That’s what we like to hear.

We also like hearing things like VH1 picking up ‘Come Along’ into their video rotation. Yes, Vicci is officially back on the big screen! The ‘Come Along’ video was even the “featured video” for about a day on Vevo. Anyone using Vevo to search for music videos would see ‘Come Along’ right on the home screen and have the chance to experience Vicci Martinez. We have also gotten word that ‘Come Along’ is featured in AMC and Regal movie theatres before previews begin! Vicci’s emotional song ‘Let Go’, that was written about her father, is even being featured during a key scene on Vh1’s ‘Basketball Wives.’


As of right now, Vicci’s video has more than 155k views on VEVO and the number continues to rise. Universal Republic continues to support Vicci by adding her video to their home page. They also stated that, “Come Along is the shimmering and soulful first single from her full-length debut album VICCI. Over a bluesy guitar twang, her smoky delivery rises as she trades verses with CeeLo Green. It’s an immediately recognizable anthem that illuminates her vocal prowess.” Seeing how they said first.. does that mean there may be a second single off of this album? Hmm.. I guess we will have to wait to find out.

Just after the release of the music video, Come Along broke in to the top 20 of the Hot AC charts. The big 19! This is HUGE. Keep on requesting, it’s working! We really need you guys to keep calling up the radio stations. It makes a HUGE difference. Digital sales for the single have been steadily increasing over the past year and more and more radio stations are adding the song into their rotations. Slowly, but surely more listeners are getting to experience Vicci Martinez. In turn, iTunes sales have been steady as well. All great signs when it comes to keeping Vicci high on the charts. So if you don’t have it yet, go get it now! What are you waiting for?! Get it on iTunes:

On April 11th Vicci was even featured on the Today Show, live from The Voice Set in Los Angeles. She spoke with Al Roker about her success since The Voice and her take on the ever popular battle rounds.

So far here are the Tour Dates listed for Vicci. Remember to always check back as she’s always adding in new events.

4/26-Tacoma, WA                    The Swiss
5/11 –Seattle, WA                   Chop Suey
5/23 –Long Island, NY             WALK “Girl’s Night” Out Event w/ Colbie Caillat
6/19 –San Diego, CA              KPRI Green Fash Concerts
7/6 –Pittsburgh, PA                 WBZZ Block Party
7/28 –Leavenworth, WA         Riverhaus in The Pines
7/29 –Leavenworth, WA         Riverhaus in The Pines





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