FIRST LOOK PREVIEW – Vicci Martinez – Come Along

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Vicci Martinez Shoots her Music Video for “Come Along”



March 9th, 2013.  The only thing important about this past Saturday was remembering to set ahead your clocks right? Oh.. and can’t forget those all important smoke detector batteries! NOPE! Now that all of the trivial things are out of the way, on to the good stuff!


This day also marks the start of filming for Vicci’s first Official Music Video. That’s right people, the filming for “Come Along” has begun! We will soon see the work of art that is being created with our little warrior as the star. Vicci is working with director Jon Jon Augustavo. Jon Jon is the director behind hit videos like “Thrift Shop” & “Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. These videos have already tallied up over 100 million views!




Fast forward to Sunday and Vicci joins the set with some lucky fans from the Seattle area. A few fans were able to help out as extras for the video shoot. From what we’ve seen the video it looks like it was a blast and that it’s going to great! Vicci was even surprised with a new guitar courtesy of Taylor Guitars. A sleek black guitar to match the theme of this video all too well. Vicci and her band looked amazing from the pictures we have seen and surely they sound just as good as they look.


So far, the debut single “Come Along”  has peaked at #21 on the Hot AC charts and #58 on the iTunes Top Pop Singles Charts. This video should help her to climb higher and higher!

Stay tuned. We will surely be posting the video as soon as we can get our hands on it!







Want to be in Vicci Martinez’s Music Video “Come Along?”



How would you like to be in Vicci Martinez’s video for her HOT single “COME ALONG?” Hey maybe she will even come with this lovely hairdo! HAHAHA JK JK JK GUYS! But hey she looks hot no matter what look she is sporting!

If you are a fan of Vicci’s and in the Seattle area this Sunday March 10th, 2013 they looking for extras!! There are some restrictions and you have to apply so there are no guarantees but get you information in now!

The following statement below comes straight from Vicci’s management so if you are interested please contact them ASAP!



Vicci is inviting a small group of her fans to help her out. She is looking for 20 – 25 men and women, between the ages of 18 and 35 to come make her video a successful one.

The filming will be between the hours of 11am and 8pm and you would be asked to stay for the entire shoot. Wardrobe requirements: No logos, no signs, no names, no jerseys.

Please be aware: We will be using non-toxic chalk dust to illuminate the crowd, hints of this to add color and to tie the connection Vicci has with her fans.

Wear something fashionable as if you were going to a live concert.  We will be providing a catered meal for those in attendance.

If you are interested in being a part, please email with an updated photo to be considered.  Thanks so much.

Beth Tallman

Heart & Soul Artist Management




Vicci Martinez Continues to Soar

Vicci Martinez is starting off 2013 with a bang! Her single “Come Along” has broken it’s way into the top 100 of the iTunes Top Pop charts! So far, the single has peaked at #99. With some hard work and loyal fans, I’m sure it will continue the climb. Believe it or not, our little warrior is the only “The Voice” contestant (from any of the 3 seasons) that is currently on the radio.

“Come Along’ was recently picked up by two new stations. Vicci can be heard in both Texas and Washington, D.C. as we speak. We thank 102.9 NOW (Twitter:@102NOW) and 94.7 Fresh FM(Twitter:@94freshFM) for believing in Vicci as much as we do! While “Come Along’ is on the up and up, we have also gotten word that “I Can Love” is slated to be the next single. Woohoo! Also, in the upcoming weeks, Vicci is set to start filming the music video for “Come Along” with Cee Lo Green! How awesome is that?!

It’s just a little over a month into the new year and Vicci is at it again. Back to the grind and back out on the road. She has hit up several radio stations in the past 6 weeks and I have a good feeling there are many more to come. Vicci headed for the East Coast and we were more than happy to have her! Shortly after touching down in New York she stopped by the VH1 studio and did a performance giving them “permanent goosebumps”. In the upcoming days Vicci was a busy girl. She stopped in Delaware at 93.7 (Twitter:@937WSTW) and then performed in Atlantic City and an intimate SoJo session, presented by SoJo 104.9.(Twitter:@sojo104fm)


Many of the east coast Army members were able to attend this event, and it was well worth the wait! I was lucky enough to be one of those members to see Vicci sing live. Once again she blew me away with a 4 song set at the Tango Lounge in Atlantic City. She began with her power anthem “I Can Love,”  catching the attention of people passing by the lounge who ended up staying to watch the rest of the set. Then came “Touch That Fire,” “Jolene,” and ending it with a heart stopping rendition of “Come Along.” That version of “Come Along” was without a doubt the best version I have ever seen or heard her sing.  And I watch all of the YouTube videos! Vicci seemed so lost in the song that it ended up being almost 7 minutes long. Afterwards a few of the ARMY members just looked at each other speechless, but you could see the amazement in each others eyes. Vicci, we can not wait for you to come back and give us more!!  (To the left is a picture of Vicci with some ARMY members in AC)

Next up Vicci was headed back to the big apple. She made another appearance in studio at Fresh 102.7 in New York. (Twitter:@Fresh1027NY) Radio, radio, and more radio! This is a good thing. This is how we get Vicci out there and its finally working. She also made a stop in Pennsylvania to perform for Mix 106.1.(Twitter:@MixPhiladelphia) This concert took place at the iHeart Radio Performance Theatre in Bala Cynwyd.


With many radio promo events under her belt, Vicci is headed back to the West Coast. Then the day so many people have wanted since June 19th 2012 comes. The CD “VICCI” officially released IN STORES on February 5th!!! Yes that’s right folks you heard me right. The label has decided to release a physical copy of Vicci’s CD! YAY! All that hard work did pay off. Way to go Beth and Vicci!

February the 8th was a busy day for Vicci Martinez. She performed with The Seattle Women’s Chorus and also did an interview with Sirius XM pulse to chat about her career and what’s to come. The very next day Vicci does an in-store performance and signing at Silver Platters in Tacoma, WA. to promote the recent release of her album.

You can keep tabs on Vicci every Thursday at 5pm PST. She has been doing LIVE video chats with fans for the past few weeks now and it seems like it will continue on. Sign up on UStream and follow OfficialVicciMartinez, you never know what juicy info you could pick up!

Upcoming events for our favorite rock star include:

  • 2/16        Minneapolis, MN
  • 2/23       Boca Raton, FL
  • 2/24       Orlando, FL
  • 3/8         Chandler, AZ
  • 3/14       Bellingham, WA
  • 3/22       Los Angeles, CA
  • 4/5         Napa, CA
  • 5/11       Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

We’re sure that more shows will be added soon, but if you’d like to see Vicci at one of the events listed above you can purchase your tickets under our “Tour” section or directly through

Vicci Martinez ROCKS our World in 2012


Vicci Martinez ended 2012 on an amazingly high note with her New Years Eve show at her “home club” Jazzbones in Tacoma. Her single “Come Along” from her self-titled album ‘Vicci’ is currently sitting at #33 on the Hot AC chart as well as playing at numerous radio stations around the US! But not everyone knows how much work Vicci and her amazing manager Beth, put in to get to where they are today. Over the past year there have been many ups and downs. With a positive attitude, ambitious mind, and a huge heart anything can be done!

Rewind to this time last year.  Vicci showcases her new music at the Viper Room in CA. We get to hear new tunes like “I Can Love”, “Run Run Run”, and the updated version of a fan favorite, “Hold Me Darlin”. All of us fans are like “can we please buy this now?!” What amazing new tracks these were. They were new, but still had that classic “Vicci” touch on them. If you know any of Vicci’s amazing music you know what I exactly what I’m talking about.

Next up.. February. Album promo is in full gear and our girl Vicci is headed for Jay Leno! Who can forget the energy charged performance we got from CeeLo and our little warrior. Following that appearance, we all get to buy this single so we can keep it on repeat right? WRONG. All good things come in time. Vicci took some time the following month to perform for a cause near and dear to her heart. Her very close friend and former manager, Reed Riley, was in need of heart surgery so Vicci took to the stage at the Heart of Gold Benefit, helping raise more than $10000.00

Lets not forget The Key Club. Its April, and Vicci finally gets to showcase some new music in West Hollywood. Vicci blew the roof off this venue. The performances were AMAZING and she even gave some descriptions of where these songs came from. This is when I fell in love. I Can Love.. memorizing this song was probably the easiest thing I’ve ever done.

viccihawk2Roll around to May and Vicci has come full circle. Back to the stage that started this whole thing back on Season one of “The Voice”.  Its time to perform “Come Along” again for “The Voice” audience and everyone at home. Now we’re all really stoked! Can we please.. pretty please buy these tunes yet?! Yes- Midnight. The 4 song EP is set to release. But wait! Christmas comes early to all of us Vicci fanatics.. the EP releases about an hour early!   Later that month Vicci took to the road and Boise, ID was waiting with open arms. They must’ve seen the fire that we all talk about so much. They quickly began picking up the single into their radio play along with having her visit radio stations.

This has got to be a good sign.. doors are opening. Fans eagerly await the album release, but are growing tiresome. Some even reach out to Universal Republic directly to find out exactly what is going on. Why the delay? Why aren’t we hearing the single in our towns? It just didn’t make any sense. It seems like fans didn’t get much of a response, but Vicci knew exactly what her fans wanted, her.  Vicci and Beth take to the road for a mini promo tour to help get the music out there. This stint is dubbed “The Ren & Stimpy Radio Tour”. This radio promo tour consisted of hitting up places like Portland, Seattle, San Jose, Sacramento, Vancouver and Salt Lake City. All still in hopes that some of these stations would add the single to their play lists. The month of May finishes up with a performance at the 37th Annual Gracie Awards. An award program that both acknowledges and rewards programming created for women, by women, and about women in all facets of media.

Up next. June. The month we’ve all been waiting for. In just a few short weeks we will all have the long anticipated album in our greasy little fingers. We can just head on over to the local Best Buy, Wal-mart, or Target and see our girl right next to Beiber himself. Hold up! What do you mean the album wont be sold in stores? Yeah, that’s right. Digital download or purchase through the official Vicci Martinez website only. That’s OK, we’re loyal fans. To the website is exactly where we headed. Surprise! Lots of Vicci swag is now available as well. Shirts, bandanna’s, autographed photos and even bumper stickers! Maybe, just maybe, this makes up for not seeing our girl in the big stores. YET.


The album has plenty of early success, despite only being available digitally for the most part. I know that all of the hardcore fans like myself, already ordered the physical CD, but we were all right there downloading the digital copy as soon as it was available.The fact that iTunes was offering us 2 BONUS songs made our eyes light up even more! The album peaked at #10 on the iTunes Pop Album chart and #60 on the overall iTunes Albums Charts. Good work team.. good work.

By this time Vicci has played several small shows including a few with Jamar Rogers. He came on to fill in for CeeLo after they realized how well they clicked. During these performances Jamar also opened up for Vicci. Which fans loved! It was an experience that couldn’t be captured, other than in person. A few of the places they stopped were Portland, Seattle, Tacoma, San Diego, San Francisco, Hollywood, and Spokane.

The Summer consisted of a few HUGE festival performances and plenty of the “Ren & Stimpy Radio Tour”. Beth and Vicci  were on the road again. They WERE making this happen, no questions asked. Vicci told told me that she always had a suitcase packed at her house and ready to go at the drop of a dime.


September, the temperatures are beginning to drop, but Vicci is still very hot. Labor Day weekend was a weekend to remember for many east coast fans. A last minute addition to Vicci’s very busy schedule. This low key event was just what the fans wanted. They had been waiting and waiting for the Little Warrior to make her way back to the east coast, and here she was! Singing some of the golden oldies, Vicci was in the zone. Later on this month she kept on trucking. Filling in for Beverly McClellan on the Steve Vai tour seemed to be a perfect fit for Vicci. The performing, the traveling, the tour bus, the fans, the tour bus. We’re not quite sure which part she liked the most, but we’re betting it was the tour bus. The last day of September, who can forget the chilling National Anthem performance Vicci gave at the Houston Texans football game? I still get goose bumps watching that performance.

Ok after a short break…. back to the grind. Ren and Stimpy hit the road again. Its time to tackle the Mid West and get these stations to play “Come Along”. The stops included Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota. As she was visiting these places, we received word that the single was getting more adds by the week across the country. All of the hard work from the Army members was finally paying off!  Phone calls, tweets, and even online requests, it was working. Keep up the good work Army!

Christmas gifts for Vicci!! In December Vicci was nominated for and won, an award for Best Rock Song at the 8th Annual Out Music Awards in Las Vegas. She ended the year at a respectable #33 on the Hot AC charts, along with a New Years Eve performance at Jazzbones. Imagine that.. the same place where she “started” with her music and the same place that she ended 2012.


So what does 2013 hold for Vicci Martinez? Well if you ask any of her fans, including myself, we will tell you that 2013 is THE YEAR OF VICCI MARTINEZ! I believe in this artist with all my heart and soul. I think if people got the chance to know not only her music, but “Vicci” the person, they will absolutely fall in love with everything she is and stands for. She is truly one of a kind. When you watch her perform its like watching a story unfold before your eyes. I can feel her joy, her pain, her love, her loss, and everything in between. The world needs Vicci Martinez. The world needs REAL. There is a huge market for “Realness” right now. That “Realness” is Vicci! Let’s showcase a new side of music on radio stations. We need positive people who do positive things. Only then will people start to love one another.

If you guys want to help this be the year of Vicci, you must help us! Please use our station list to keep requesting “Come Along” on your local radio stations. You can find request line phone numbers and twitter handles there. If it doesn’t play near you, pick a city you like that does play it and request it there! Every little bit helps!! Introduce new people to Vicci’s music. Even if one person buys her CD, that’s one step closer to making 2013 THE YEAR OF VICCI!

Vicci Martinez’s and her Promo on Full Blast

In a recent promotional push, Vicci Martinez made stops in Southern New Jersey and Pennsylvania. She then headed to the Midwest region with stops in Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, with a layover in Chicago,IL. Vicci’s stop at Cincinnati’s (WKRQ) Q102 (Twitter:@WKRQ) grabbed her  single “Come Along”, a spot on the radio station’s play list. While Vicci was in Ohio, Brian Douglas took some amazing photos of Vicci like the ones you see here. (Photos by: Brain Douglas)


While in Grand Rapids, MI, Vicci did a performance for Mix 95.7 (Twitter:@Channel957) at the Sweet Yo’s stop.  She sang “Jolene” and explained to the radio station that while on the show, “The Voice” wanted her to sing something newer and fresher. After talking it over with her coach CeeLo Green, they both agreed that “Jolene” was a song that the younger generation should learn to know and thats what she was going to sing.  While at the radio station, she also sang “Touch That Fire” and single “Come Along” from her Album ‘VICCI’. This started the 95-7 New Music Showdown. Each weekday at 6:30pm, the radio station puts two up and coming artists or songs against each other and YOU the listener, get to determine which song will be played each day. Vicci was first paired up against her fellow musician and friend Ryan Star, who she edged out by only a little more than 1%. Each night since then she has been slaying the competition. So far she has taken out One Direction, Matchbox Twenty, Hunter Hayes, Megan & Liz, and Neon Trees. I know we will keep voting for her every night from near and far!

Vicci also had a little Halloween fun while in Chicago on her layover. She tweeted this exciting and unique picture on twitter. Doesn’t she make the cutest little Indian warrior?

I found this fun video with Vicci talking about how her grandmom would scare her with stories of “La Llorona”.



On October 30th Vicci played an acoustic evening in Minneapolis at The Aster Cafe. She aslo stopped in at KS95 (KSTP) (Twitter:@ks95) for a quick interview that you can see below.



Vicci aslo stopped by Cities 97 (KTCZ) (Twitter:@cities97radio) and did a couple of songs along with an interview at StudiFebo C in Minneapolis.


Prior to Vicci’s trip to the Midwest she teamed up with her “The Voice” mentor CeeLo Green, former teammates , and a few current season 3 Team CeeLo contestants. They joined together in Las Vegas for an early Holiday Special. The Special was filmed in Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Hotel resort. “The Voice” stars weren’t the only stars in the building… That’s right the Muppet’s were there to assist them on CeeLo’s forth coming Christmas album called “CeeLo Green’s Magic Moment”. Vicci will be singing “River” with her Season 1 Battle Rounds opponent Niki Dawson. Vicci and Niki’s Battle Rounds duet of Pink’s “Perfect” is still hailed as one of “The Voice’s” most EPIC battles ever! The concert special will premiere November 26 on the TV Guide network and on the Warner Sound’s YouTube channel with portions of the show airing on “The Voice” as well.

A few up coming events that we know about…

On February 8th: Seattle Women’s Chorus “Celebrate” 10th Anniversary Concert with special guest, Vicci Martinez. (Check Vicci’s website for tickets.)

Vicci will also be performing at the Out Music Awards in December and it looks like sh’es up for a couple awards for her single “Come Along.” As we get more information on this event we will post it.


Join us in a Special Project for Vicci’s Birthday!

We’re working on a special project for Vicci’s Birthday and we need your help! We’re giving her the gift of sharing her music by giving her music to others!  What’s that?  Check out all the details by clicking this link for the special Birthday Gift Page.  If you participate Vicci will see your picture, your gift and your personal message!

But we don’t have much time so please do it now!

Vicci Martinez Closes Out the Summer with a Bang!


Vicci wrapped up her 2012 summer tour in NYC with a Labor Day show at the Roockwood Music Hall. This was a last minute show that made the East Coast fan base very very happy people. Some fans drove for up to  4 hours to get the chance to see Vicci live!

I was one of the lucky fans to be in attendance for what was called, “An acoustic night with Vicci Martinez.” Vicci played a 45 minute set which ended up having a slightly old school Vicci vibe. She decided to play what she wanted and what the fans wanted to hear. The set included classic Vicci songs such as “Enjoy the Ride,”  “The Morning After,” “Joyride,” and “What you Believe”. She also sang modern versions of “Touch That Fire” and “Hold Me Darlin.” It was an amazing and intimate setting. After the show Vicci stayed and hung out with a few of the Army members.  She took pictures, signed autographs, and even grabbed a drink with us! It was a very special night to say the least.

On Sept. 5th Vicci stopped in Delaware at the WSTW 93.7 (Twitter:@937WSTW) Help our Kid” Radiothon, an event that helps raise money and awareness for children with cancer.WSTW recently picked up Vicci’s single “Come Along” into their radio rotation!

Later that night she continued on to Wilmington, DE with guitarist Steve Vai on his “Story of Light” tour. Vicci has been opening up for Steve in place of fellow friend and Season one Voice alumni,  Beverly McClellan, due to previous engagements. Vicci picked up two extra shows on Sept. 9th and 11th due to Beverly feeling under the weather. Beverly is scheduled to rejoin Steve in Boston on Sept. 13th.

Vicci is due to head back West for some more shows until the end of Sept. Then she is off to Texas on Sept. 30th to sing the National Anthem at the Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans football game! Now that’s a huge audience!!! She will then play a few shows in Texas so head on over to our touring section or Vicci’s website and make sure you get your tickets now!

A quick chat with Beth Tallman (Vicci’s super amazing Manger!) revealed that their goal for Oct/Nov is to come back to the East Coast and Mid West.. AND put together a string of tour dates! And wait! There’s more! Depending on his schedule some or all of these dates may include Season 2 of the Voice alumni, Jamar Rogers! OK now you can scream!!! So East Coast and Mid West keep your eyes open for new dates. We will post them the second we get them!

On the radio front I got news that our requests are working! I can not point out how important it is to put yourself our there and request “Come Along.”  Even if the song is not playing in your area, find a station that is playing it and tweet that station or go their website and request the song. Every little bit you do helps Vicci. I don’t live in CA, but I request the track on Y101 Fresno (Twitter:@Y101Fresno) all the time because I know its being played there. Another station that has picked up Vicci’s song in good rotation is Minneapolis station KS95 (Twitter:@ks95).  It only takes a click of a button. You could also download free apps such as IHeartRadio and listen to these stations! The more you request the song the more of the chance that your station will pick it up! Check out our list of stations that have Vicci’s single and keep requesting. It is one of the most, if not THE most important thing you can do to help! We are going to be updating our lists as we get more stations so keep a look out!

Radio Promotion: Top 40 Stations

                                  Hot AC Stations

Here’s a few more ways that you can help support Vicci. Attend a show if she’s in your area! Why wouldn’t you?? She is amazing live! I’ve been to many concerts, big and small, and I am being completely honest when I say that Vicci puts on the best shows EVER! You just feel it! It’s real, it’s emotional, it’s fun, it’s LOVE! While attending the show, why not bring a friend? Introduce new people to the gift that is Vicci! If you do not have her CD yet, what are you waiting for? BUY IT!! Already have it? Buy it or gift it to a friend or a complete stranger! Use your social media networks to share tour dates, articles, stories, music, videos, all things Vicci! Use Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google+, Tumblr, etc. to invite friends to like Vicci’s FB page, follow her on Twitter, and even Join #ViccisARMY. You might not realize it but a little support can go a long way!



Vicci adds 2 last minute shows in NY


Vicci opening for Steve Vai in Wimington,DE – Photo by Jim Coarse

Over the last week Vicci Martinez has been helping out her friend and fellow The Voice finalist Beverly McClellan by taking Bev’s spot as the opening act for legendary guitarist Steve Vai.  Beverly had a prior commitment and couldn’t do Steve’s shows.

Now Vicci is adding two more opening dates, tonight September 9th in Albany NY at The Egg, and Tuesday, September 11th in New York City at the Best Buy Theater. Bev is feeling a bit under the weather but will return to the tour on Thursday in Boston.

Vicci has been having a great time on tour with Steve.  We’re not sure if its because of the shows or because of his tour bus which she has tweeted about a couple of times! Seriously though, get to these shows if you can!

Vicci Shares Connection With Her ARMY Fans


So you’re sitting there in your car, at home, laying in bed, maybe even exercising. Some of us are feeling happy while others maybe going through a rough patch in our lives. We all have one thing in common. We are listening to Vicci Martinez. Her music is pumping through our veins, bodies, minds and hearts. Vicci’s music has done what very little artists these days can achieve, it has brought thousands of people from all over the world together to unite as one. The Vicci Martinez Army was created out of love for Vicci’s music, message, and heart. Now with a simple click of mouse many people can find #ViccisARMY and join a family that has been united as warrior fans fighting for love. When we began this journey over a year ago, people began to talk about this weird connection that each and every one of else felt with Vicci. We all felt that we were meant to find each other and help spread Vicci’s love to as many people as we could reach. As if we knew each other already.. including Vicci. Everyone had a song that they swore that she had written just for them.. a personal message from Vicci herself! No matter what our reason for loving Vicci, we all felt like we were meant to be on this journey with her and that we were all somehow connected. Being a part of what she stood for and wanting to send that message to anyone and everyone. Not just fans.. but friends. We all wanted to take the ride with Vicci and stand by her side no matter where her career took her. Not only did we feel that instant bond, but it turns out that Vicci feels it too! Check out the excerpt below from Almost Famous Music-

AFM: I came across the website for your fans, Vicci Martinez Army. What does stuff like this mean to you? VM: It’s pretty amazing. I kind of feel like those people – I kind of consider them distant friends. We don’t know each others’ lives personally, but we all connect on a deep level. My music is really personal and comes from a vulnerable place. And to have people connect with that and tell me , “That song saved my life,” is really amazing – it’s kind of an unspoken thing.

You can check out the full Q & A session from Almost Famous Music’s Keegan Prosser by clicking on this link.