Vicci and Her Army in Pictures

Vicci has fans.  No, Vicci has an ARMY of Warrior Fans who want to meet her.

In honor of all of those fans we’re starting a new section of the site – a photo gallery of ViccisARMY who have had their picture taken with Vicci!  We witnessed our first fans get it done on Twitter but if any of you other fans out there have pictures with Vicci that you’d like to have us post just email them to and we’ll post them same day!


Vicci and fan Mike Fiore – New York, September 2012

VIcci Martinez and Fan Mike Fiore at Rockwood in NYC

VIcci Martinez and Fan Mike Fiore at Rockwood in NYC

Vicci and some of the Army at her New York gig in September, 2012.

Maria, Chris, Kathy, Vicci, Donna, Alicia, Nicole and Jennifer in NYC for Vicci’s show at the Rockwood September 3, 2012.

Vicci and Christina, founder of  the Vicci Martinez Army

Vicci and Christina at the Rockwood show in September, 2012

Carmen and Veronica with Vicci at The Viper Room, January 26th.


Vicci met two of ViccisARMY members, Carmen and Veronica after the Viper Room show.

Vicci Martinez signs autographs for Carmen and Veronica.

Christina with Vicci at New York The Voice Tour after party.

Vicci and Christina in New York at The Voice after party

Ailee and Friends with Vicci and Bev at the Bayfron Blues Festival in Duluth, MN

Ailee(in red) with Vicci, Bev, friends and some girl texting who they don’t even know!

Reanna with Bev and Vicci at the Bayfront Blues Festival in Duluth, MN

Bev, Reanna and Vicci at the Bayfron Blues Festival 8/14/11

Grace and Vicci after the the concert in Anderson River Park show, CA.

Vicci and Grace after the Anderson River Park show 8/12/11

Cindy G., Vicci and friend at the Seattle STORM game.

Cindy, Vicci and Christina after Seattle STORM halftime show

Courtnie and Vicci on The Voice Tour

Courtnie, Vicci and friend at The Voice Tour

@BabyEru10 and @wzanabria7 with Vicci and the rest of the Final 8 on The Voice Tour in LA:

Vicci with Lenyllen, Will and the rest of the Final 8 in LA

@nicnaughty1 and Vicci after the NY show.  Yes, Nicole had to run after Vicci in the rain but Vicci stopped and snapped the pic with Nicole’s cell!

Nicole and Vicci after the NY TheVoiceTour show



@Vanco2112 sees Vicci in Chicago 8/2/11

Vicci and Vanessa in Chicago

Vicci, Vanessa (right) and Melissa (left) after the Chicago show

@Roxxx90 sees Vicci AGAIN at the opening night of The Voice Tour 7/27/11 (some girls have all the luck!)

@roxxx90 with our girl Vicci – 2 beautiful women!

@Alexaa35 and @Roxxx90 meet Vicci at The Grove in LA on Wednesday, 7/13/11

Vicci with @Roxxx90 (left) and @Alexaa35 (right) at The Grove in LA


Melody and Vicci at Art on the Ave., Tacoma Sunday, 7/11/11

Vicci and Melody at Art on the Ave. in Tacoma


Vicci and Paula at Art on the Ave. in Tacoma, WA Sunday, 7/11/11

Vicci and Paula at Art on the Avenue, Tacoma


Vicci and @ESSpeciallyMade during the taping of  The Voice 6/14/11

Vicci and @ESSpeciallyMade during The Voice 6/14/11


  1. Alexaandra says:

    I got a hug right after taking that picture with vicci.. Wow! What a dream come true !!

  2. This was just such a emotional/happy ¤moment for both of us. Vicci told me not to cry lol. Way better than shaking her hand on the 28 of june @ the voice! We love you vicci!

  3. Cecilia says:

    Lucky you…=]

  4. jessyka says:

    Quero muito conhecer a Vicci,

  5. Vicci if you read this ily. and your an inspiration to me. great respect towards you. we met again & you were so nice n funny. p.s ive been wanting to give you that bracelet, since last time! lol ily Vix!

  6. Have a blast! Hope you can get some video of pictures. Good luck with meeting her as well! Stick around after the show you may just get lucky!

  7. Maureen "MOE" says:

    She was more than willing to take the time out to sign autographs and take pictures with all her fans after the Oakland Gig. Everyone needs to consider themselves very lucky that she does that because a lot of great singers would never take that kind of time for there fans.
    She is “REAL” what you see, is what you get !!! ONE LOVE

    • Vicci just isnt just any singer though. She loves her fans! She loves this ARMY! Vicci has more heart than any other person I have ever met in my life! She is down to earth and real. When I was in Ny and met her she neve turned a fan down for a autograph or a photo. Im glad you got to meet her as well!

  8. Blueyedlibra says:

    I want to meet Vicci. I just want to hug her and tell her thank you. If she asks why?? I would say for you being you in every way you are!!! She is amazing!!! I love Vicci.

  9. Fitrieyani says:

    Vicci,, i’m from Malaysia. . i really love u. . i love ur still. .i really fans with u. . when u will come to Malaysia ? i really wants to see u Vicci. . I jus. t want to hug u n see u face too face . .My laptop full of ur picture n ur video . .i download it. . i make it a wallaer n screen saver at my lappy . .its prove that i love u so much vicci!!!!!!

  10. Vicci martinez's #1 fan says:

    I wish I could meet Vicci!!! She truly helped me to be more openly gay!!! Thanks Vicci!!! I owe you! Love ya!!!,☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  11. Hi Vicci
    Of course you don’t know me but I am a fan love your energy and voice. Loved you on the voice ALSO! Your voice is very powerful … The reason I am writing is a friend of mine “Danny” asked me if I had a contact for you and singing the anthem at a Seahawks Football game? I work for the company..I don’t know Danny’s affiliation with you or your agent. I did email the “POWERS TO BE” If I hear back I will need a direct contact.
    My email is
    “I am a voice for the shelter dogs”

  12. I have seen Vicci twice, once back home in Fresno where she gave me the words of advice “things happen when you least expect them to, and when they do, let them happen!”
    a month after that, I got an offer to move to Washington. I packed my things up and left just a week after. I went to another show of hers a month after I settled in and got to hang out with her family at her concert in Tacoma. they took me backstage and I got to see her again. She remembered me 🙂
    she seemed really surprised that I was all the way up here from CA but I told her that I took her words of wisdom seriously and now I’m playing music and working hard to make it up here on my own. I can’t wait till I see her Wednesday in Seatttle! she is honestly my number 1 idol! <3

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