Special Project


Vicci’s Birthday is September 21st – or at least thats our best information!

See a couple of sample pictures and then read about how you can participate in a special birthday project for Vicci!


Here’s the plan:

We’d like you to get a piece of paper – at least 8-1/2 x 11 or regular notebook size and write one of your favorite Vicci Martinez song titles on it. If you can’t figure out your favorite – just write the last one you listened to! Write it big enough and dark enough so that it can be read in a photo. Or be creative with your sign – just make sure its legible.

Then take a picture of yourself holding the paper up so the title can be seen in the picture. If you don’t want to do a picture of yourself – do a pet or something like I did here.

We’ll take all the pictures and put them together in a slide show or video for her depending on how many we get. Just to show her how many of her ARMY love her and her music. Its easy, its cheap, its fast and its personal. So get to it! Her birthday – to the best of our knowledge – is September 21st.

So we have to have all the pictures in by this SUNDAY the 18th!

 Email your pictures back to us at join@viccimartinezarmy.com

Its that easy. OK? Thanks. Let us know what questions you have.

Christina and Val



  1. Já mandei a minha *-*
    Quero ver todos os loucos por Vicci Martinez ♥

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