Live from Jazzbones


Released January, 2011

A limited edition release

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All songs by Vicci Martinez except Hold On by Vicci Martinez and Chazz Bessette
©2010 Checked By Radar


The recording of this Live Album was Kismet.  Vicci’s notes tell of an unassuming guy stopping by before a performance at Jazzbones – Vicci’s home away from home – to ask if they would mind if he recorded that night.  It was a special night and this recording, from engineer Jeremiah Sheets, captures the energy that is a live Vicci Martinez performance.  Backed by her band, Eric Roberts on keys, Rod Cook on lead guitar, Jeff Leonard on Bass and Darin Watkins on drums, Live at Jazzbones delivers all the artistry, emotion and fire that occurs when performer and audience are on the same wavelength. Three tracks, Touch The Fire, Hold Me Darlin’ and Fly To Heaven receive their first recording on this one of a kind album.  In a limited pressing to help raise travel funds for the band – get it, help them and help yourself to some great ear candy.

Touch The Fire  4:39

Leave The Light On  6:35

Angel  5:26

Live So Happily  7:20

Hold On  5:39

Is It Rain  4:56

Hold Me Darlin  3:13

Mexico  7:55

Enjoy The Ride  6:31

Fly To Heaven  6:41



  1. Emily West says:

    Best Album….got it in my Patrol car while on duty at my Police department. Gets me through the day and puts a smile on my face….

    Buy it and support the band…..


  2. John Manley says:

    I first saw Vicci live at Jazzbones and just had to help get this CD published last year. My contribution was small, but the result of all our efforts to support Vicci was huge. Vicci is best heard live, so… Enjoy.

  3. Jay Ames says:

    The heart and soul of an artist is equal to honest capacity and truth of craft. It is rare for me at my jaded tenure to see a performance and be totally blow away. Vicci Martinez, “Thank you” for traveling the back roads of your mind and remembering your musical roots. The CD’s are awesome, Vicci Martinez live at Jazzbones is without doubt a stellar pure gold classic. A Must have.

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