My Vicci Martinez Experience

by Christina R.

Vicci and Christina at the After Party - New York

If you were to tell me two weeks ago that I would be going to NY to see Vicci Martinez ,on the last stop of ‘The Voice” tour, I would have said “Yeah Right!” Then out of the blue a very good friend, whom I never met ,but work with from CA bought me tickets to the only venue that sold out! I told her she was crazy! She then turned around and said to me, “it feels like the right thing to do at the right time.” I am still not sure if she knows what kind of gift she really gave me. I am from NJ and most of you will probably laugh when I say I have truly never even been to NY! That’s insane right?! So now I had 2 tickets to NY and my mission was to meet the one and only Vicci Martinez. I contacted Vicci’s managers and even one of her friends that follows our army on twitter. I asked them all if they thought I had a shot at finally meeting the singer who changed my life. To my surprise I had 3 almost Yes’. So for the next week I continued to contact these wonderful people until a few days before the concert when they gave me a definite YES! So now I had tickets to NY and after show passes to meet my hero Vicci Martinez. The day before the concert I even got a lucky Direct Message on Twitter from Vicci telling me that she was happy that she would finally get to meet me. For once in my life everything was lineing up perfectly, so perfect it was still hard for me to believe.

Vicci and some of the Final 8

Now its Friday night and “Baby I was afraid to sleep” for I may wake up and it be all a dream. Fast forward to Saturday, now I am on my way to NY to hear 8 of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. And I was going to finally meet my hero.  I get to NY with no problems, head on into ‘The Beacon Theater” to grab my passes, and then head for the concert hall.  I have been to many concerts before, but there was something so special about these 8 amazing singers.  They took stage and I was blown away. I have never seen and felt so much love in my life.  There on stage in front of me was a family.  I have never felt as much love and positive energy in my life as there was up on that stage and throughout the audience.  The concert was amazing, it wasn’t like “other” show tours that just send their singers out one by one.  They each complimented one another throughout the entire show.  One of my favorite highlights was when Vicci and Bev came out with buckets for drums and played them while Casey sang!  Vicci sang her 3 most popular songs from the show.  “Rolling in the Deep”, “Jolene”, and “Dog Days are Over.”  She danced her little 5’1 butt all over that stage!  She was running around doing her famous “War dance” and connecting with the band and the crowd.  For the last performance of the night all 8 finalist came together and sang Micheal Jackson’s famous song “Man in the Mirror.” Once again they showed the audience just how much they really do love each other and how much of a family they have all become.

Bev, Vicci and Christina at the party

As the show was closing my sister ,whom I took with me, and I proceeded to the “After Party.” At first we weren’t sure where to go or what to do, but them I got in contact with one of Vicci’s managers, Miki.  When I met Miki she welcomed me into her arms with one of the warmest embraces I have ever gotten.  She took us into the bar and grill and was still awaiting word on Vicci’s arrival.  We talked about the web site and Twitter page that myself and Val had created.  Miki told me that we were doing an amazing job and that it doesn’t go unnoticed.  I had the biggest smile on my face as we talked about Vicci’s career and how she got to the point that she is at right now.  I learned that she never had a “real job”, singing is all she ever knew and thats what she was.  I met some of Vicci’s friends and we chatted about how I found out about her and about what the goals were for the web page Val and I created.  As I was waiting for Vicci to arrive one by one the top 8 were filing into the after party.  I got to meet each and everyone of them, take pictures with them,  and even get in a word or two.  I couldn’t believe how down to earth they all were.  They never turned down any photo or autograph opportunity.  I was blown away!  Finally the moment I have been waiting for since I first saw ‘The Voice”, Vicci “freaking” Martinez walks in the building.  People surround her very quickly asking for photos and autographs.  She took a few then told us that she needed to get her Tequila.  I walked up to her and said “Wait! I’m your Army leader!” she turned and looked at me and said “Christina?!”  All I could think was, “wow she remembers my name.”  She then put everything and everyone aside for a moment and shouted “This is the girl that made me a freaking website and twitter page!!”

Vicci signing a special ViccisARMY signature photo

She then stopped and talked with me as she signed some autographs for myself and the web site.  I then proceeded to give her a gift I had gotten made just for her.  Her own set of “Vicci Martinez Army” dog tags.  She was stoked and put them on right away after reading with they said.  “Enjoy the Ride” she said as she smiled at me and said “No one ever get’s me a gift I like.”  I told her they came from my heart and that she has touched my soul in so many ways.

I was face to face with my hero.  The singer from Tacoma, WA that stole my heart and changed my thinking. Before Vicci I was a very negative person.  I never felt like anything went right for me.  I never saw the positive side to anything in life.  Then I leared all about Vicci Martinez.  Who she was, where she came from, and her ever so positive words like “love and light.”  She was the person that everyone told me she would be.  She was kind, funny, and willing to do anything you asked.  You can tell by looking in her eyes how huge her heart is for such a small warrior.  As the night went on, and she made her rounds, I had conversations with her about her music, her life, and what’s to come. I told her how she brought over 1000 people on twitter together and how much we all love and respect each other.  Viccis Army is filled with amazing people from all over the world that want to share one thing.  We want to share the love and kindness that Vicci has taught us.  She never once pushed me away or said she was too busy to talk.  Meeting her in person was by far the greatest gift I could have ever gotten.  She was just like you or me.  She wasn’t some stuck up celebrity who pushes her fans away.  She took time with each and every person in that room.

It was getting late and I still had a 3 hour drive home so it was time to say my goodbyes.  I walked over to her manager Miki and thanked her for the opportunity to meet Vicci.  She said “No, Thank You for doing what you are doing!”  I asked if I was going to be able to meet up with her and Vicci again after her album comes out.  She looked and me and said “DUH! You are helping us and we appreciate everything you do.”  For the first time in my life I felt like I was right where I belonged.  It was the greatest feeling in the world.  I then walked up to Vicci and said my goodbyes.

Vicci opens a personal gift from Christina

She gave me a huge hug and promised to stay in touch.  After I turned and walked towards the door I heard a voice call my name.  “Christina.” Vicci said.  I turned around and walked towards her as she told one of her friends to give me the bracelet that she was wearing.  I said, “I cant take that!”  She told her friend, “I’ll get you another one give that to Christina.”  Her friend handed me her glass and took off the bracelet and put in on my wrist.  I teared up as I read it.  One side said “Enjoy the Ride…while the other side said Vicci.  I walked over to Vicci and gave her the biggest hug ever and told her thank you.  I said thank you for touching my heart and thank you for meeting me.  She smiled and hugged me back twice as hard.  I then left the bar and grill out into the rainy streets of NY with the biggest smile on my face.  I told my sister “this made my life.”  This was the greatest gift I could ever have asked for.  I got to meet my hero, the person who changed the way I think and look at the world.  Vicci has touched my heart and soul and I dont even think that she knows how many lives she has touched and saved.  Vicci is one of the most incredible people I have ever gotten to meet in my life.  She may only be 5’1, but this girl’s heart is as big as the world.  She has love for all and that’s why we love her.  “Live your truth!” That’s one of Vicci’s sayings…it is also what I got engraved on the box that her dog tags were in.  Vicci if you ever read this I would like to thank you for being you.  Just being you brightens the day of many people I know from coast to coast.  We have united as one because of you. We will continue to love and help one another just as you would want us to.  Thank you! Just thanks for being the one and only Vicci “freaking” Martinez!

Light & Love to you all!



See more pictures from Christina’s visit with Vicci Martinez in our photo gallery.

Dara, Nicole, Christina, Christa and Lauren in NY at The Voice Tour


  1. cbednarek4 says:

    What a truthful and heartfelt article! thank you for all the hard work you do!

  2. WOW… that was amazing! I am so happy for you!!!

  3. Lina Martinez says:

    I am Vicci’s older sister Lina and happen to be searching for pictures from a show she did yesterday here in Seattle and stumbled upon your article. You brought tears to my eyes and am SO HAPPY that you were able to meet her & spend some time with her. 😉 It is people like you that inspire her to keep doing what she does. Thank you so much for your support and hope to meet you at a show in the future!

    • Christina says:

      Lina..first off pretty name! Thank you for your kind words on my article. Words can not express how much they mean to me. Vicci has without a doubt saved my life in so many ways. Her music touches my heart and keeps me moving forward. I meant every single word that I wrote in that article. Vicci is the sweetest person I have ever met. She was kind and giving and made time to talk to me. I was in a very dark place for a very long time then I happen to stumble up the show “The Voice” and she blew me away. I wasnt one of the lucky people to have known Vicci before that show, but I am sure glad that I know her now. Vicci’s songs and her words that she speaks from the heart has brought me out of that dark place and into the light. I am learning to love myself and others. I’ve only met her once along with one of her managers Miki, and her few of her friends but I felt welcomed and accpted into their “Family.” I hope that you enjoy this web site as much as Val and I love running it. Vicci has touched the lives of so many people and she deserves to see that. I am very thankful that you got to see the web site and even more thankful and grateful that you signed up just to write me a comment. We are Vicci’s ARMY! Someone asked me why did you pick the term ARMY. I told them because a ARMY has your back….a ARMY follows you and never let’s you down. A ARMY is united by one! That one is Vicci Martinez. I cant not wait to meet you as well. I would love to talk face to face about what she means to me. Again Lina, thank you for leaving a comment you just made my day. I hope that Vicci got to read this article as well. I know she is super busy right but I know she always has time for her friends and fans. 🙂

      Christina R.

  4. Christina: Great article, thanks for being such an ardent general of Vicci’s ARMY. I am Vicci’s friend who gave you the bracelet, and it was my pleasure to share it with you. I only wish I had had another to give to your sister, however if you email me your address I will send you another one. Please keep up the good work; I’m always so happy to witness the love and positive vibrations Vicci’s music awakens in people.

    • Thank you so much. I wrote that from my heart. Vicci is a wonderful person and has brought me out of a dark place that I was in for a very long time. Her music has healed me. She had touched my heart in a way that I cant even start to explain. I can’t wait until I get the chance to meet Vicci again. She has touched so many peoples lives with her kind words and her music. Her music makes your heart feel good. It is an honor to do this website and bring happiness to others who come to and visit it on a daily basis. I hope that Vicci enjoys it as much as we enjoy doing it. We are her ARMY. We have all been united by her music and her huge hearts. We not only stand behind her but we stand united with her. I really hope that Vicci gets a chance to read my article. It comes straight from my heart. I hope to meet you all again soon. Thanks again for your kind words because it means so much to me.

      Christina R.

  5. Chris, wow is all I can say your article has me in tears again. I read it before n just re-read it again. You are so right, an Army is united as 1 n we all r united because of 1 Vicci Martinez. She is truly an inspiration to all of us. She has also touched my heart as well as a million others. She has also brought together legions of fans. Just listening to her songs can lift up our moods. It was so sweet of Lina and K to write n acknowledge your work. You and Val are doing a great job with the site n you are a great army leader. I will continue to help out in anyway bcuz I am a fan for life n I’m happy to be apart of a strong willed army! I had the pleasure of meeting Vic too. Even though I had to chase her lil ass down the street in NYC she was so awesome. She stopped n took a pic with me (she snapped the pic with my cell) lol. I knew she was in a rush but she still took time out to sign a few pics for my mom n godson. This world needs more people like Vicci in it. She is so sincere n just a great person. I can’t wait for her to blow up n for her to get the recognition she truly deserves. Christina, The Army will always stand United as 1 for Vic. This is just the beginning a beautiful journey. I’m just glad that I was able to meet u guys. Now I just look forward to sitting back n Enjoying The Ride Vic will be taking us on. – One Love Family

    • Yes indeed we are an ARMY! We are united, we stand with and behind Vicci the whole way. Im glad you got to meet her. She is the sweetest person ever! She had changed so many lives and its only gonna get better from here on out. So many people are going to discover what we already know! Thanks for the kind words on my story. It was all from the heart! I feel as if I am a friend of Vicci’s and not just a fan or a fan site leader. I cant wait until her CD drops and more people see her for who she really is. I cant wait to be able to hang out with her again and do some SHOTS!! LOL. We are all freinds from this…she united so many people in less than a few months! Its hard to believe that but its so true. Cant wait to hang out with all you girls again! That was a fun time in NY. I wouldnt trade it for anything in the world!

      -Christina R.

  6. Fitrieyani says:

    luv u Vicci. . When U will t ome to Malaysia? I really want to see you face to face. . please. .

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