Vicci Martinez Heals Kids Through her Music

by Emily West

Picture this, I’m riding in my car and pop in my new CD “I Love You In The Morning” by Vicci Martinez and all of a sudden I realize I am listening to a musical poet.   My first thought consisted of “how in the world does Vicci do that…” you know make notes almost dance together against beats and tones.  I found myself instantly relaxing and feeling happy.  I felt like I had just taken some magical pill that cured what ailed me that day.

In thinking about how amazing the healing power of Vicci’s music had on me, I decided to loan my CD to a Doctor friend of mine.  She treats kids with ADHD, Autism, and all kinds of learning disabilities.  I guess you could say she works on treatment based programs to assist kids with social aspects of everyday life.  Simple social skills that you and I take for granted because being social just comes natural to us.

After my Doc friend listened to Vicci’s “I love you in the morning” album of course an instant fan was born.  The next day the Doc played the CD while she was mentoring a group of kids during an hour session in her office.  Guess what?  Instant success was noted in the behavior of the kids.  Attention spans increased, behavioral outburst ceased to exist and two of the kids started to hum with the music.   It was if Vicci’s notes from her heart were just what the Doctor ordered.  The Doc mentioned to me that she has tried all kinds of music for therapy with her patients but had never seen such a positive response as she did with Vicci’s album.  To date the Doc has used Vicci’s music for over one hundred kids within her practice.

I feel it is so important for me to report back to Vicc’s Army and Vicci what a great gift she gives.  I am sure when Vicci composed the music and songs on the “I love you in the morning” album for the MLK Ballet she never thought her album would be played in a small Doctor’s office in North Carolina as a treatment protocol for kids.

On a side note, a few of the parents mentioned to the Doctor that they wanted to know why their kids were humming constantly on the car ride home from the Doctor’s office.  The Doctor filled the parents in on the CD being played at the office, and the Mom’s immediately wanted to buy copies to play at home with their children.  Guess what?  One Mom reported that her child now falls asleep to the sounds of Vicci Martinez.

I’ll have to say when I heard of this great story I felt so proud of our Warrior Vicci Martinez.  I hope by recapping just a small accomplishment of Vicci’s that she will continue to provide wonderful lyrics and beautiful music for years to come.  The Doctor which can’t be named because of strict confidentiality laws wanted me to convey to the world “What a hero Vicci Martinez is for providing such a healing tool in medicine today.”  Congratulations Vicci Martinez and keep up the creativity and healing power from your heart!  As Adam Levine said on NBC’s The Voice, “Vicci you are a powerful little thing!!!”


  1. Kelli Edgington says:

    This is amazing and so true!!! I wrote a research paper in one of my Psychology classes on Music Therapy and how important music is when healing. “I Love You In The Morning” is a very melodic c.d. and one of my favorites! I think it is obvious that Vicci has touched many of our hearts but the fact that her music is being used in a clinical/counselling setting is beyond words! We love you Vicci Martinez!!!! Keep making us proud and lifting us up!

    • I am a mother of a daughter that at birth had a stroke she is 18 now and a senior, music is her escape and always has been she truely loved your music Vicci,who would not in fact I am going to take her to see you in Tacoma when you play again.Music is healing and It takes a artist to write and play to the words that touch our heart and soul..I myself just got over a cancer scare and I listened alot to my favorite song Angel..Keep up the love and beautiful writing that heals our souls…

      Connie Hardy

  2. Oh Vicci this is sooooo Awesome!!! I chimed in once in awhile during ur performances Because you Moved me SO much. BUT This , THIS is Just again AWESOME! You do Truly Carry A BEAT that is of a True HEART and I Too am So Proud of the Artist you are becoming and the Opportunist by Gods free will. I know YOU are going to keep Blossoming into an even Greater Little Powerful Thing!
    GOD BLESS Vicci

  3. My Son is Developmentally Disabled, and when he is having a hard day I put in one of Vicci’s CD’s and he calms down instantly . His favorite song is Sunshine. Vicci your music is truly amazing

  4. vicci, i too want to thank you for your wonderful music. i have chronic pain in my neck from early onset of arthritis and i have days where the pain is so incredibly intense, that i feel i’m not going to make it thru the day. since hearing you on the voice, i fell in love with you from the getgo. now when i’m having a painful day, i put one of your cds on and just get taken away with the music, i let the pain ride on the musical notes away from me, and at least for a little while i have less pain!!!! : – ) thank you!! thank you!! thank you!!!!! p.s. please keep the music coming !!!!

  5. Reading this made me smile through tears….because I live that every day. My son has Aspergers/ ASD and I have seen up close and personal what music is capable of. Why do the little guys with Autism connect with Viccis music? For the same reasons we do, my friend. Taking our hearts and our minds places they don’t get to visit too often. Thanks Vicci- there is no greater joy for me as a Mom than seeing a genuine smile on my little dudes face because he FINALLY feels connected.

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