Living in the Present Moment



Note: We received this email from Hannah, one of Vicci Martinez’s younger fans.  It seems that no matter what challenges we face, or who we are, Vicci’s fans all seems to find a spark of strength and hope in Vicci and her music.

I live in Absarokee a small town in Montana. It is so small that there are only 100 kids in our school and that is 7th grade through 12th grade! There are 1,300 people in our town! So in a small school things get around fast and this will have something to do with my story! My story is about how a few words Vicci said in an interview inspired me!

I have had the toughest year of my life. If you were to ask people who know me they would say I had a great year, because I had great grades all year, I beat someone I despise at winning my chapter star greenhand and placing second at districts for my FFA chapter, the only reason I beat her is because of my SAE which was my science project “internal parasites of horses” which I got first at the state science fair out of the ninth grade ( I would call myself a nerd if I did not want to be a veterinarian when I get older), I also taught middle school kids about tobacco use and how it harms you for FCCLA and won 1,ooo dollars for my chapter, and to top it all off was when the Stillwater Renegades won there 4th state championship in 5 years and I was apart of it. They are a softball co-op of Absarokee, Columbus, and Park City. That sounds like a great year and it was except for one thing changed it all!
I play two sports basketball and softball. My “friend” played basketball, volleyball , and softball. Since I did not play volleyball with her, she started hanging out with the older girls and was a jerk to me.  She would tell a lie about me in one class and by the next class it was all over the school! That is why it sucks bieng in such a small school. I ignored it and didn’t say anything even when she was making fun of me when my 14 year old dog died.  I am 15, I was 14 when she died. I only lived a couple months of my life without that dog. It killed me when she died and all this “friend” did was make fun of me because I was upset! Like I said before I want to be a veterinarian when I get older so I can help animals. Even after that I didn’t say anything to her!

Finally, when we were at state softball, she was making fun of me in our hotel room when two of the older girls were about to come in. Our softball teams saying was “One Team, One Family.” So when they heard what she said they got my sister to talk to her. I tackled my sister in the hotel hallway trying to stop her but the varsity catcher ,my idol, pulled me into her hotel room and held me down. They got my stuff and put it in their room, and me being a freshman I had to sleep with the seniors. Later the next day I got a text from one of my friends who said I am only telling you this because so-and-so(my “friend”) is making fun of me, she told me she hates you! I asked, why is she making fun of you, and she said “because I am Mexican”. I thought that’s not unusuall she always makes fun of me for being Canadian. The one thing I couldn’t realize was that a lifelong friendship ended with a few words! I tried to talk to her and all she did was laugh. It killed me! Ever since state softball I had been sitting at home feeling sorry for myself. This is where Vicci helped me.

One day I was watching tv and one of my sisters said lets watch The Voice, I said no it is just another stupid singing show!  But there was one person who could get me to watch music on tv and that is Reba McEntire! She was on, so I was watching it and as soon as I found out Reba wasn’t singing I was getting up to leave when Vicci’s battle came on. It was odd because I have only ever liked country music, but Vicci changed that. Right after Vicci sang I went straight to the computer and watched her during the blind auditions and in some interviews. When Vicci said in one of her interviews “I am just living in the present moment”, I took that to heart and I decided to not let this girl ruin my summer. I am glad this girl is no longer in my life because I found out she has been drinking and smoking at parties and if I was still friends with her I am sure she could have convinced me to do it to!
Now it is a new school year and she has moved to Columbus. That is a good thing except I still have to play softball with her. So far this school year it has been great. Since I don’t play volleyball I am a football manager which is fun. I am also volunteering at an animal shelter with a local veterinarian and helping her with the animals. I also got 4th row tickets to a Reba McEntire concert!

Now all I need is to meet or see Vicci in concert!

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