Vicci Marinez Gets Fans Involved with “Our Endless Summer” Via YOUTUBE



This summer has been very busy for Vicci Martinez. She’s been zipping from coast to coast and playing at way too many shows for me to even count or remember! Yet even with her incredibly insane schedule, Vicci has found a unique outlet not only for herself, but for her fans. She has called it “OUR ENDLESS SUMMER.”

The idea is that each week no matter where she is in the world (last week she did it from Sweden) she makes a YOUTUBE video. She then talks about what she’s feeling or thinking about at the time and either shares part of a new song she has written with us or a song she has already written that many of us may already know but fits the moment.

Vicci says in her first video for “OUR ENDLESS SUMMER” that she wants to give us sneak peeks at songs she’s writing or ideas of songs and bring us together to get our feedback and let her know what we are thinking. She says she wants to bring us into the process of it all and help her by leaving comments and sharing our thoughts with one another. I can’t speak for Vicci to what it feels like to make these videos, but for me it gives me peace and something positive to think about for 3 minutes or so. Let’s just say that it puts me in a better mood because the way Vicci speaks. She just has that effect on me. She makes me think about all the important things in life and to let the little petty crap go. THANK YOU VICCI! vicciendless

So far Vicci has made 5 videos and you can check them all out on her YOUTUBE channel. Please make sure you subscribe to her channel. I am going to list the 5 videos that she has posted so far down below. Please watch them, share them, tweet them, facebook them, like them, and leave her a comment. She wants to read what you think! I promise you she reads as many comments as she can so don’t be shy!






This just added is Vicci’s 6th episode of “OUR ENDLESS SUMMER.” She cover’s label mate DRAKE’s new single “Hold on We’re Going Home.” It sounded so AMAZING I had to run to the computer and add it to this article for you all too see! So here is it below. Make sure you like it, share it, and leave her some positive comments! Thanks!


To see more of “OUR ENDLESS SUMMER” videos and a ton of other amazing Vicci Martinez videos Subscribe to Vicci’s YOUTUBE Channel by Clicking on this LINK and hitting that subscribe button! Don’t forget to share, comment, and like those videos as well.


  1. Michelle Swenson says:

    Nice article Chris!! I love that Vicci is taking time out from her very busy schedule to make us all a part of her Endless Summer!

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