Newly Announced Vicci Martinez Tour Dates for 2012


New Tour Dates for 2012

We’ll update as we get more information – but as of 4/30 – here are the dates:


6/13-Portland, OR-Hawthorne

6/15-Seattle, WA-Showbox

6/16-Vancouver, BC-Electric Owl

6/17-Tacoma, WA-Jazzbones

6/19-LA-Viper Room

6/20-San Diego, CA-Anthology

6/21-San Juan Capistrano-Coach House

6/23-San Francisco, CA-Hotel Utah

7/19-Suquamish, WA-Clearwater Casino (Free show)

Sleep To Dream Lyrics


 Sleep To Dream


Vicci Martinez Wins Award from


Vicci Martinez just won the Favorite Musician award from the Lesbian Life section of

After some pretty heavy duty voting by the Vicci Martinez Army, Vicci pulled ahead of Melissa Etheridge, Tegan and Sara and several other acts. Kathy Belge of Lesbian Life has also linked to our Vicci Martinez Army page from the winners list.  That’s what we’re talking about!

Proud of Vicci and proud of the Vicci Martinez Army for showing their support for Vicci.  There were several better known acts on the list but the ARMY marched on and Vicci won!

Its a ‘Rolling In the Deep’ MashUp!


Check out this great mash-up from one of Vicci & Adele’s fans!

Thanks to Victor Vargas for this video!

Adele & Vicci Martinez – Rolling In The Deep (Mash-Up) from Viztor14 on Vimeo.

Exclusive Interview with Jason Nevins on Working with Vicci Martinez


Jason Nevins, familiar to many for his re-mixes and dance music worked with Vicci Martinez on two songs on her new album, due out in May and they’re “straight up pop radio”. Jason took some time to answer a few questions from the Vicci Martinez Army about his work, particularly the new music on Vicci Martinez’ soon to be released album!


VMA: You’ve been working in dance music for a while now with lots of great remixes.  We know that includes people who may not come to mind as club music like Taylor Swift, Michael Buble, and Lady Antebellum.  What do you look for in a song to do a remix of it?

Jason: I like doing remixes on records that are either pop, rock or urban and taking them to a different place. I dont find as much satisfaction in doing a remix on a song that is already an uptempo dance record. Thats cool for the clubs but doesnt make much sense for the radio. Ive had great success on working on records that you might not think off the top of your head that would be a record to remix… Sometimes I will even go to the label and suggest doing a mix on a particular song because I know it would work great in a remixed version. My ears are 100% radio-  and Im drawn to a hit record. I can hear a hit song and mentally map out how it could sound great as a remix as well.

VMA:When you first heard Vicci’s existing music catalog, which I don’t think anyone would categorize as dance music, what did you hear that made you think you could work with her in your genre? Did you have any reservations going in?

Jason: To be completely honest, I didnt hear that much of Vicci’s stuff before I started working with her. I obviously saw her on the show but not much else. I knew she had a great voice from watching her on tv and hearing demos. I usually dont have any reservations on working with anyone who has ‘real talent’. You never know what you are going to come up with when working with new people. I dont even know if Vicci checked out stuff that Ive done over the years. The music we worked on was not at all dance music, even though thats what I’m known for- its straight up pop radio.

VMA: In a recent tweet you called Vicci Martinez “amazing”.  What is it about her that makes you say that?

Jason: Her vocals are just amazing, she has such a richness to her voice. She nails stuff without any Autotune- which many singers today cant do. Not only that, she very cool and easy to work with. It was a pleasure and all came together so naturally.

VMA: We understand that you worked with her on a new version of “Hold Me Darlin”. That started out as more of a blues number.  How did that one get changed up? Can you say something about the process of working through that?

Jason: She already had ideas on the tune and when I played her some of my ideas- it just instantly gelled. It all came together pretty quickly. We jumped in feet first and started recording, tweaking and adding as we went on.

VMA: We think we’ve got it right that “Hold Me Darlin” is just one of the songs you worked with Vicci on that will be on the new album.  Can you tell us anything about the other song?

Jason: “Hold Me Darlin” is on the album as well as another song that I worked on, which is called “I Can Love”. That song started from the world-famous writing/ producing team The Matrix. They started the song off with Vicci and I took it to a different place at the end. Not only would it be great to work with Vicci in the future- it would be great to work with The Matrix again, they are super talented.

VMA: If you had to compare Vicci Martinez to other artists you’ve worked with – either in terms of music or working style – who would you compare her to?

Jason: Vocally, you could say she’s has tones like Melissa Ethridge & Pink. Vicci has tons of power in her voice. They way she works is also awesome, shes a real pro and really easy to work and get along with.

VMA: What can you tell us about your next project?

Jason: I’m working on a project with two artists, Amanda Encore & Jerry Robinson, who are signed to my production company. They are both really talented. I’ve been working with SonyATV Publishing on re-working/ re-interpolating songs controlled by SonyATV and turning them into current pop dance radio records. SonyATV initially brought me into to do a “concept project”- covers of some of their catalog songs, but that mutated into ‘samples’ / being re-worked into new original songs fronted by Amanda and having Jerry on them as well. Its been a project thats been cooking for quite some time and is now finally coming together.

VMA: Is there anyone in particular that’s on your dream-list of artists to work with?

Jason: I dont really have a wish list right now. I just want to work with really talented people, like Vicci, whether they are writers, musicians or artists. Because of the age we live in with the internet & computer technology- everyone “thinks” they are a producer or singer. Unfortunately, there seem to be more people I’ve come across that are mediocre- and Im looking for ‘amazing’. It brings out the best in me when working with true talent.

VMA: Can you recommend a few of the songs you’ve worked on with other artists that you think a fan of Vicci Martinez might enjoy?

Jason: What Ive done with Vicci isnt exactly along the lines of what most people know me for. I’ve been at this for a minute- so I’ve got a lot of material to listen to. But if I really had to give someone direction, who would also be interested in Vicci…then I’d say my mixes of Kelly Clarkson “Since U Been Gone” and “Because Of You” or my production on Duran Duran  “(Reach Up For The) Sunrise“.

VMA:Thanks for your time Jason! I know that Vicci’s fans are really looking forward to hearing  “I Can Love” and “Hold Me Darlin” on the new album due out in May! As well as your remix version of Vicci’s new single  “Come Along” , written by Peter Svensson and Joakim Berg. Vicci  will be performing the original version on the Jay Leno show Friday February 10th!

Discover more of Jason Nevins music on iTunes!

Discover more of Vicci Martinez music on iTunes!








Come Along – EP

In January, 2012 Vicci Martinez released the EP “Come Along” with four great tracks including her single featuring CeeLo Green, Come Along as well as “Run Run Run”, “I Can Love” and “Hold Me Darlin”

Vicci Martinez & CeeLo Green to Appear on Jay Leno

We learned last week that Vicci Martinez was booked on Jay Leno Friday 2/10 and now we’ve learned that CeeLo Green will be joining her! Remix master Jason Nevens has also tweeted about a new song for Vicci Martinez and CeeLo Green called “Come Along”.

What does that add up to? Sounds like a new single for Vicci Martinez and CeeLo Green! “Come Along” was written by Peter Svensson and Joakim Berg.

Vicci originally planned to release her CD this week but then something changed – seems like it was the opportunity to have CeeLo Green on the first single of the CD!

Be sure to watch Jay Leno on Friday February 10th! It may well the beginning of a journey to next years Grammy Awards!

Here’s the appearance:

VIcci Martinez & CeeLo Green perform “Come Along” on The Tonight Show

Want to be on the front end of the music? Here’s a link to pre-order the new CD – Vicci Martinez
– not even any art yet! – on Amazon! If you’re willing to pay for 2 day shipping they’ll ship early so you get it on the day it releases!

Vicci Martinez scheduled for Jay Leno Show Feb 10th

Wardance Coming!UPDATE: CeeLo Green is going to appear on Leno with Vicci and we’ve also learned that they’ll be singing a song called “Come Along”. This is going to be the new single released soon after the appearance – we hope!

This follows last Thursday’s appearance at The Viper Room and what is sure to be a blockbuster Season 2 Debut of The Voice following The Super Bowl on February 5th.

We don’t know if tickets are available for this show but click here  to request tickets .  You can also go to the studio the morning of the show and take your chances on whether or not there will be tickets available.  Word is that sometimes folks start lining up as early as 5am!  It would be worth it to see Vicci.

We have a feeling she may be debuting a single – again not sure on that but the timing would be right!

Vicci Martinez Approves!


We’re  glad to know that Vicci likes our site.  She tweeted out to her 54,000 followers that she approves of our site.  Hope all Vicci Martinez fans will come to our fan website and learn more about Vicci and her music.  And remember we have a great forum where you can interact with each other and even Ask Beth (Vicci’s manager) questions about Vicci’s career, tour and more.  So join ViccisARMY and have some fun!

iTunes now Available in Mexico and Brazil

Mexico and Brazil Fans – iTunes is now available in your countries and Universal is one of the participating studios. So we hope that means that Vicci Martinez music is or will be available there. Keep an eye out and let us know by placing a comment here!