Released June 19, 2012

“VICCI” is the self-titled debut album of Vicci Martinez. Well, “debut” in the sense that this is her first album on a known label,rather than self published.


Come Along – EP

In January, 2012 Vicci Martinez released the EP “Come Along” with four great tracks including her single featuring CeeLo Green, Come Along as well as “Run Run Run”, “I Can Love” and “Hold Me Darlin”

Same Kinda Thing

Same Kinda Thing - Vicci Martinez

Released Jun 28, 2011
(original release Aug 04, 1969)

Same Kinda Thing - Single - Vicci Martinez

In 1984 the band Talking Heads had a hit with Take Me to The River – many people didn’t know that song was a cover of a hit from Syl Johnson that reached number 7 on the charts in 1975. Syl Johnson had several R&B successes during the late 60s into the early 80s. He backed away from the music business but recently has been back on the circuit – now somewhat of a legend. Vicci has been working with Syl and Same Kinda Thing is her second iTunes release of a solid Syl Johnson tune, this one originally released in 1969. Vicci’s voice takes on a different tone in these R&B tunes from what listeners may be used to – a bit lighter capturing the mode of the times – but the groove is definitely there – have a listen.

The Voice Releases


Vicci Martinez had six separate singles and two tracks on compilations released in three months thanks to NBC’s The Voice.

The Voice recordings are available exclusively at iTunes

Vicci Martinez



Rolling in the Deep (Single) – released Apr 26, 2011

Team CeeLo Blind Auditions (Compilation) – released May 04, 2011

F***kin’ Perfect (Single) – released May 10, 2011

Battle Duets, May 10, 2011 (Compilation) – released May 10, 2011

Jolene (Single) – released Jun 14, 2011

Dog Days Are Over (Single)  – released Jun 21, 2011

Afraid To Sleep (Single) – released Jun 28, 2011

Love is a Battlefield (Single with CeeLo Green) – released Jun 28, 2011


Live from Jazzbones


Released January, 2011

A limited edition release

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All songs by Vicci Martinez except Hold On by Vicci Martinez and Chazz Bessette
©2010 Checked By Radar


The recording of this Live Album was Kismet.  Vicci’s notes tell of an unassuming guy stopping by before a performance at Jazzbones – Vicci’s home away from home – to ask if they would mind if he recorded that night.  It was a special night and this recording, from engineer Jeremiah Sheets, captures the energy that is a live Vicci Martinez performance.  Backed by her band, Eric Roberts on keys, Rod Cook on lead guitar, Jeff Leonard on Bass and Darin Watkins on drums, Live at Jazzbones delivers all the artistry, emotion and fire that occurs when performer and audience are on the same wavelength. Three tracks, Touch The Fire, Hold Me Darlin’ and Fly To Heaven receive their first recording on this one of a kind album.  In a limited pressing to help raise travel funds for the band – get it, help them and help yourself to some great ear candy.

Touch The Fire  4:39

Leave The Light On  6:35

Angel  5:26

Live So Happily  7:20

Hold On  5:39

Is It Rain  4:56

Hold Me Darlin  3:13

Mexico  7:55

Enjoy The Ride  6:31

Fly To Heaven  6:41


Any Way the Wind Blows


Anyway The Wind Blows - Vicci MartinezReleased May 13, 2011

Any Way the Wind Blows - Single - Vicci Martinez

Remix Released May 27, 2011

Any Way the Wind Blows (Remix) - Single - Vicci Martinez

Originally a Syl Johnson song released on London Records in 1972 this soulful tune gets a new reading from Vicci Martinez but maintains the influence of Syl Johnson with whom she recorded this song. Her voice has its signature rasp and the emotion comes through in tru Vicci fashion. This soulful song has us swaying.

I Love You in the Morning


released Jul 09, 2010

I Love You In The Morning - Vicci Martinez

Music and Lyrics by Vicci Martinez, except “Love of Life” by Vicci Martinez and Katie Gray
© 2009




Tracks 1-9 of this release show Vicci Martinez versatility as a musician.  These tracks were written for local Tacoma dance company MLK Ballet.  At the same time we’re also reminded that Vicci is not only a musician but a moving lyricist. The last track, Lover’s Embrace gives just a sample of that talent.

Tears on my face
a Lovers Embrace
and I found my place
in your heart

How could this be
To live in this dream
And now that I know
you’re the one for me

cuz love can be perfect
when two agree
that perfect means
what will be we’ll be ….

Sunrise – 4:55

Diddii – 3:46

Perfect Soul – 4:33

The Waking ; 3:55

Chasing – 2:43

Crushed – 2:51

All of Me – 3:43

Pulling My Heartstrings – 2:55

I Love You In The Morning – 3:40

Love Of Life – 4:01

What You Believe – 3:52

Enjoy The Ride – 5:53

Every Heart – 3:01

Is It Rain – 4:27

Lovers Embrace – 3:51


I Could Be A Boxer

I Could Be A Boxer

Released Jul 07, 2010

I Could Be A Boxer - Vicci Martinez





Sunshine – 10:44

Maeflower – 5:06

Angel – 5:27

Peace Of Mind – 4:53

Mexico – 5:08

Boxer – 4:26

Love Is The Only Proof – 6;15

Everything – 5:33

Joyride – 6:22


From the Outside In


released Mar 09, 2009

©2009 Suckathumb Music

From the Outside In - Vicci Martinez

Find My Way Home – 3:18

Heart of Gold – 4:00

Songbird – 5:21

Upside Down – 4:41

Live So Happily – 4:38

Leave the Light On – 5:10

Taco Tuesday – 3:24

You’re Not Alone – 5:04

Peace of Mind – 4:07

Tiny Apple Trees – 3:35

Left of Me – 3:34

Rain – 6:15


On My Way


Released July 11, 2005

On My Way - Vicci Martinez

©2005 Checked By Radar




Maeflower – 4:16

On My Way – 5:12

Fire In Her Eyes – 5:26

Nature of Love – 5:18

Little Star – 5:20

Sunshine – 4:03

Given – 5:21

In Dreams – 3:50

Ode To You – 5:25

Everything – 5:20

Where I Go – 4:45

Sweet Dream – 4:55