The Voice – Final Four Talk


The final four from The Voice Javier Colon, Vicci Martinez, Dia Frampton and Beverly McLellan talk about their Final Performances with Allison Haislip


Vicci thanks her Coach CeeLo


Vicci and CeeLo developed a great working relationship during The Voice – here it is in Vicci’s words

Vicci and CeeLo get Fierce rehearsing for Love is a Battlefield


Vicci gets her Warrior on for the final performance


Vicci rehearses for Dog Days are Over


Vicci drums up some ideas for making Dog Days her own

Vicci Martinez rehearses for ‘Jolene’


Vicci and CeeLo talk about how to make ‘Jolene” work for the Team

Vicci and Niki After the Battle


It was the best round of the show, and maybe of the season. In the end, after a Perfect duo – Vicci came out the winner!

Vicci Martinez in a Post Blind Audition Interview


After making it through the Blind Audition with both CeeLo and Christina wanting Vicci on their teams. Vicci talked about choosing CeeLo.

Vicci Martinez and Niki Dawson After Learning They Will Battle!


Vicci and Niki were already feeling like friends but they still had to duke it out in the Battle Round

Vicci Martinez – Backstage at The Voice


Vicci, with her sister Lena, Aunt Laura and girlfriend, Kate talked with The Voice about where she came from and what she hoped for.


The Voice – Meet Vicci Martinez


This was the first time we saw Vicci on The Voice – thankfully not the last!