Vicci Martinez Photo Galleries

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Vicci Martinez its that in person, she is even more amazing then on record. The performance photographs help us get just a glimpse into the power and energy she shares with her audiences.Other photographs show us Vicci just being her own self. Either way – we like what we see.


Vicci Martinez – Summer Tour 2012


Vicci Martinez – 2012 – The Year of Vicci!


Vicci Martinez – Solo Performances


Vicci Martinez – ‘The Voice’ Performances


Vicci Martinez – with the Vicci Martinez Band


Vicci Martinez – Summer Fall 2011

The Voice Season 2

Vicci on site at NBC\'s \'The Voice\' Season 2

Vicci Martinez New CD Recording Process & Pals

Vicci & the people helping her on her new album.

Vicci Martinez  at Treble Clef Live

Treble Clef Live is a live radio show in CA that showcases Indie Music talent.

Other Appearances by Vicci Martinez this Summer/Fall

Differnt Appearances by Vicci Martinez

Vicci Martinez - Fun & Friends

Vicci having fun.


┬áValentinez – Vicci Martinez and BFF Emily Valentine


Vicci Martinez & BFF Emily Valentine fun pictures! AKA \"Valentinez\"


  1. Kelli Edgington says:

    This is awesome! And no kidding just a few days ago I was going to suggest to you guys to maybe get a photo gallery on the site!!! Just shows you guys know what we want!!!!!! Great job!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes Val suggested that we add all the newer photos we have. So I went ahead and put them together for you guys!! As we get more we will add to these gallerys. So if anyone sees new photos of Vicci email them or tweet them our way. You can send them to me or Val. ­čÖé

  2. Chicago peeps!!!!! We need pics and videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. London J. Cooper says:

    I love Vicci!!!!! I’m not only a huge fan of her music but i’m also a fan of her personality.she seems like such an amazing cool down to earth wild crazy and fun person and I would love to meet her to see if she’s really that laid back and chilled. { ┬úondon } *_*

    • Totally agree with you you London! Glad to have you stopping by here. We’ll keep bringing you the best news of Vicci and her career that we can!

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