The Voice Tour – New York City


Vicci Martinez brought it for her fans – including several ViccisARMY members.

Thanks to ARMY member Christa (@cbednarek4) and Christine (@VicciMartnzArmy) for these videos!


Vicci’s Intro to Rolling in the Deep


Rolling In the Deep


Another version of Rolling In the Deep (thanks @VicciMartnzArmy)


Dog Days Are Over




Casey Weston – Black Horse and Cherry Tree – with Vicci and Bev on Drums


  1. viccifan12 says:

    This is the first time I’m leaving a comment since I became an Army member. The videoes of the concert are AWESOME and I wish that I could have been in New York to see her live! She’s incredible and I’ve thought that of her since the blind auditions. I’m happy that she chose Cee-Lo as her coach

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