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When Vicci Martinez first auditioned for The Voice
she was all Fire and Smiles

Vicci Martinez Audition PhotoWe hope you think this site is that too.  So if you want to say something nice send us a note.  And if you want to  give some constructive criticism send us a note.  If you just want to rail at us – oh well, send us a note for that too.

Wondering who we are?  Just two fans from opposite sides of the country.  Christina is in New Jersey and had the foresight and drive to create the @VicciMartnzArmy twitter account and a blog when she first saw Vicci’s audition on The Voice. She was touched by Vicci’s music, story and drive. Christina wanted others to experience and share the gift that she had found in Vicci.

The Vicci Martinez Army on Twitter is almost 2700 (as of 3/27/12) strong now and we believe it was instrumental in pushing Vicci’s fan base on Twitter over the 50,000 mark the day after the final results show.  We also have a Vicci Martinez Army Fan Page on Facebook with over 3000 fans who want to know more about Vicci Martinez.

Val, in California,  was also taken with Vicci’s talent right away but found the VicciMartnzArmy just shortly before the finals and suggested that the two of them could work together to make a fan site Vicci would be proud of.  We hope this is it!

Christina is the social one you’re tweeting with when you tweet with @VicciMartnzArmy. You can also follow Christina’s personal twitter account at @ItsMeCreezy. Val’s twitter account, @MyOneThing focuses on helping people recognize and share that one thing in their life they are passionate about. It looks like music is Vicci’s one thing and we’re all here to support that!  Val is the one primarily responsible for the site and the editorial nature of the site.  You’ll see posts from both of us here and  we invite your input.  We’ll continue to improve the site to support Vicci’s career over time and hope to add more social features to allow Vicci’s fans to come together to chat, share stories and continue to grow the Army  supporting Vicci and fighting for love.

Let us hear from you!

Val & Christina

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The necessary disclaimer:  This is indeed a fan website, and as such our primary goal is to be a repository and clearinghouse for fans on all things Vicci Martinez.  That means that we will display original content that we write, content contributed by other fans  along with content that we find in other sources.  If we are displaying something that we found on another website or print piece we will always list a credit or URL at the end of the article or post.  We hope that other content owners will understand that we want this to be a one stop resource for Vicci Martinez fans and will continue to allow us to post their content here.  If any content owner has an issue with how we have handled a piece of their content, we ask that you please contact us at and we’ll address your concern immediately if not sooner!



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  1. This is awesome guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Showing Vicci the love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lisa Hosman says:

    Wow you guys! This website rocks almost as much as Vicci rocks! 🙂 Good work!

  3. jessyka says:

    Nossa eu amo a vicci *-*
    espero que o susseso dela , seja maior ainda.
    E que ela venha pro Brasil. ELA E PERFEITA
    O site ficou otimo, tudo o que queria saber sobre Vicci vocês colocarao!
    AMEI ♥

    • Eu espero que você não se importa que eu usei o Google Translate para entender o que você disse que desde que eu não falam Português. Obrigado por visitar o site. Nós vamos continuar a fazer melhor!

      Hope you don’t mind that I used Google translate to see what you said since I don’t speak Portuguese!
      Our *-* I love Vicci
      I hope the susseso it, is even greater.
      And she comes to Brazil. It is Perfect
      The site looks great, everything you wanted to know about you put Vicci!
      LOVED ♥

  4. jessyka says:

    Nada VAL!
    o Google também é meu amigo!
    estou adorando o site, todos os dias estou aqui visitando.
    e queria pedir uma coisinha… se for possível 😀
    para colocar as letras das musicas da vicci .
    não precisa ser em português, porque procurei e não achei =/
    Se for possível desde já AGRADEÇO!
    BEIJÃO ♥

  5. jessyka says:


  6. Don’t forget to have a few places on the site where people can click on buy the CD, buy the T-shirt, …etc when that is possible to do.

    • Hi Bob – Yes, we’re working on that too! Lots to do and we’ve only been up since July 8th! LOL We’ve got the iTunes links in the discography but will get the CDs and links to Vicci’s merchandise up soon. Thanks for looking around – please come back soon!

  7. Emily West says:

    I can not express how wonderful this website is…what a great idea! I happen to catch a show in Tacoma in 2005 with Vicci and have been following her ever since. I like to have died when I saw her audition on the Voice…

    I live in NC and its rare that Vicci comes to the east coast. Hoping this site might help get the word out to her to travel this way. So many fans out here!

    Keep up the good work you guys!

    Such a proud fan of what you are doing!

    • Christina says:

      I am also on the east coast so I know your pain! I can not wait until Vicci starts coming over to the darkside lol.

      Thanks for the comment it really means a lot to us!


      • Yes, I second getting her to the East coast. I rarely spend money on concerts, but have been to see Vicci twice in the last month in NYC and Duluth. Her voice and music are incredible – definitely more exciting than half of the “big time” artists out there with generic voices and no depth to their songs. Christina, please use your “in” with Mikki to advocate for her to come up to NYC 🙂 Fans from surrounding states will all be able to come up there. A smaller venue, like the Bitter End would be just amazing, although she may be too big for those now and would need bigger space. DC also has some great venues – The Blues Alley or the 9:30 club.

        BTW, good work on the site — looks like you are investing a lot of time and energy into it. Loved your personal story about meeting her in NYC and the way she changed your life.

        • I woulnd say I have an “in” with Miki! She is a great person though. I still have to go through Vicci’s managers like any other nomal person would. 🙂 I do agree we need her on the east coast. I am sure when her album drops she will be heading all over the place. Thanks for the love about the site. Val is the one putting all those great videos up and photo’s that you guys love so much. Between her and I we do put a lot of time and love into the site. We love doing it. We do it for us just as much as we do it for all the Vicci Martienz fans out there!

          I am glad you liked my story. That means a lot to me. I opened up on that and let everyone into my heart. It was hard to do but felt so great when I got such great support from it.

          We thank you for all your support and are happy that you love the website. We will keep updating for your enjoyment! Thanks so much!


  8. Tammy Martin says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for posting your experience in meeting the one and only Vicci Martinez. I am truly jealous. Also, thanks for creating this website. Take care and Peace Out.

  9. *-*
    A cada dia que passo estou mais apaixonada por
    Vicci Martinez e pelo site…
    beijos 😉

  10. Mary Adams says:

    I’m rootin’ for Vicci. I think she works hard and has talent. But please, may I encourage her to consider
    eliminating the use of profane language? It’s not the best example she has to give. For example, “WTF” doesn’t sync with “light and love” ; one is disrespectful and vulgar; the other beautiful. It’s a mixed message.
    Vicci will be a better professional without it. Thanks and go Vix!

    • Thanks for your comment Mary. Individual tastes and actions are hard to get a handle on and I’m afraid you can’t please all the people all the time. All I can say is that Vicci is who she is and that’s a pretty great person. At one of The Voice concerts she said “I’m sorry for cursing” after letting out a certain four letter word but sometimes you just gotta let it fly! Hope you’ll stick with her all the same! – Val

  11. dailydrudge says:

    there is a Best of Western Washington on King 5 for Best Local Artist and Vicci isn’t close to being on top. Can you get the word out. You can also vote on Facebook. Just FYI.

  12. Baby socola says:

    Really website so great ,help me can know about Vicci….because i stay very far not easy for my to know u Vicci oi…..but i still find to know

  13. Catherine H. says:

    I haven’t been able to pull up Vicci’s battle round to watch. Is there
    a reason for this?

    • Hi Catherine – thanks for your question about why you can’t see the Voice videos.

      We were using the NBC provided widget for all The Voice videos because they have gone after You Tube clips of the show. Unfortunately they have now taken down all the Season 1 performance videos and are only providing interviews.

      We’re in touch with Vicci’s management to see if they have access to those performances and can help us make them available again.

      We’ll let you know if that (or perhaps some other way) comes through!

  14. dianne spriks says:

    i have searche dfor at least an hour now for the audition video, whic “hooked” me on this taleted young lady. i was a fan at first sight and sound!!!! i am blocked at every turn from finding this video, with exception of some bootleg version. if i can’t veiw what i’m searching for /to share with potential fans i will cease to follow the voice. AND i have ditched IDOL, as lame for you! VICCI , YOU ARE THE BOMB…ONLY WANTED TO SHARE YOU WITH NON-WATCHERS, IN YOUR BEST RAW LIGHT!! BEFORE “THEY CHANGE YOU”!!

    • We had it up but NBC has taken it down and so its not currently available. But we’re working on a way to make it available to members only. So keep an eye out and hopeuflly we’ll have that for you soon! – Val

  15. Vicci is up for best Band and ?? on Evening Magazine’s best of western washington. She is 6th when she should be #1. Can you post this and get people to vote.

  16. Denyce Cahill says:

    Where can I buy a Vicci CD?
    I Need it for Mary Bridge Festvial of Trees!
    Would she sign it?
    Denyce Cahill

  17. Diane Lopez says:

    Do you know if Vicci ever recorded Love is All, and how can I buy it. I saw her singing it on YouTube . I t must be about 12 years old. Thanks

    • Hi – Sorry that I’m not familiar with that song. I don’t believe that she did record it. If you comment back with the link from YouTube I can take a look and inquire with her manager- I searched YouTube and didn’t find the video. Let me know! – Val

      • I forwarded the link to you. If you did not get it go to puget sound tv vicci Martinez love is all on you tube search. It’s the one with the drums in the background. I also wanted to make sure you received my response about the Palm Springs tickets. Thanks again


  18. brandi says:

    Vicci Martinez is the begining of something huge she has great talent we will see lots more of her!

  19. James Nelson says:

    I have video and pictures from the 8/10/2011 performance that she did at union square. I can send them to you if you want, they are not the greatest, but it is something.

  20. Hello,

    My name is Bre. I am a college student and a small business owner. I started a Youtube channel to teach girls about makeup, natural hair care and African American pride. I absolutely LOVE the song “Come Along” and I was hoping to use it in a Youtube video about African American history to release in February of 2014. Youtube requires that we get permission from the artist and owners of the song. I want to tell a visual story about my heritage and show of how far we have come. As a 22 year old African American female, I can go to school, vote, work hard for my new business and live out my dreams… This song can help me tie in that message and I was really hoping I could use it in my video.

    Thank you so much for your time!
    Sincerely, Bre.

  21. hi, I’m a big fan of Vicci, and I’m getting crazy with a need to see a live show of it, any chance of a vicci come do a show in Brazil? sorry bad english.

  22. Good night, since I saw the first Vicci, was blown away by his ability, his strength and sympathy. It is so addictive and perfect and I wonder if she has some time to answer the fans? I’m from Brazil and I am very far, but I think she would know that he has fans here too. sorry for bad english. kisses

  23. Nossa já fazia um tempo que não passava por aqui
    e vejo que o site esta sempre melhore e a Vicci Martinez fazendo o sucesso que merece.
    Mais uma vez PARABÉNS pelo trabalho incrível. I LOVE VICCI ♥

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