“How do I hold this thing?” Videos


This page is for all those videos shot by people who haven’t yet figured out how to hold their iPhones when shooting video! So maybe you just want to listen to the live performances of Vicci Martinez. Or elso put your seatbelt on and watch out for rotating video!

Thanks for shooting the video anyway!


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  1. Alexaandra says:

    Aww. These were fun videos! I just love vicci, I dont care that the videos weren’t perfect . Thanks always for putting this stuff up girls. <333

  2. nicnaughty1 says:

    Yes, I am glad just being able to watch these videos. It’s a good thing for those of us who can’t make it to her shows. 🙂

  3. Love her… She touches me to my very core…… Thanks for sharing!

  4. I just love Vicci, her music says it all. She touches deep in the core of the soul with her music. I can listen to her music all day, and it brings emotion to your heart as you listen and sing out loud. The words to her songs, and the way she expresses herself is amazing. I am a huge fan, and truly believe she will go far and wide with her soulful sound. She is a burst of energy and a fresh new boost to music. Fantastic! Makes ya get up and dance your feet off and sing your heart out!!! So happy for her!

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