Treble Clef Radio – Live

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Vicci Martinez recently did an interview/live performance with Treble Clef Radio.  She shares thoughts and songs from the heart, delivering two of her songs, The Morning After and Touch the Fire differently than seen before.


Thanks to Leigh Swansbourough for sharing these videos with ViccisARMY!

Enjoy the Ride

Hold Me Darlin’

 The Morning After

Vicci and Leigh discuss Men’s Menstrual Cycles!

Being Uncomfortably Comfortable in Performances

What’s it like to Sing Covers

Leigh shares a Fan Email with Vicci

Vicci being “reals” moves others to do the same

Vicci talks about The Voice and Sings Touch the Fire

Vicci talks about her ARMY website


  1. Hannah Hedtke says:

    In the video where she is talking about the eye black brings back a lot of good memories! I love how she put it on during the show it was awesome. The memories it brings back is that my softball team is on the bus on there way home from state, everyone is scrambling around the bus jumping over seats just to get eye black put on for the fire truck ride! Some people did Harry Potter with the glasses and scare others just did it under there eye with it smeared-like me! But two people stood out one was our new coach who had the batman wings around her eyes and the other one was my idol, the varsity catcher who had diamonds over her eyes. It was pretty sweet, just like on the voice when vicci did it!

  2. My beautiful wife and partner in life,and I had two times to see you and your band at the little creek casino> for Free!!!! I have paid a lot more for a hell of a lot less! You not only entertained us you killed us with your humility of your talent, with reference and reverence to your father! You are a true talent, but more than that you are a true person, no ego but pure passion!! Please stay that way for we all can learn from someone like Vicci Martinez thank you!!!!!

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