Enter to Win: What Should Be the Next Single from Vicci Martinez?

Win a Vicci Martinez Fan Pack

This contest runs through 11:59pm on Monday July 15th, 2012.  The winner will be selected from entries received on this page and also at our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/VicciMartinezArmy.  You may enter multiple times, but we ask that you only enter once per day.  Please give your honest opinion on which song should be Vicci’s next single.  We will share the results of this poll with Vicci and team.  Maybe they’ll pick the same song as you!


Tell us your choice for Vicci's Next Single

We're surveying ViccisARMY to learn which song from her album "Come Along" should be her next single! We'll also pick a winner at random who will receive a ViccisARMY Fan Pack including an autographed West Coast Poster, Autographed Studio Photo and a Vicci Martinez Army Wristband and DogTag!
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Its a ‘Rolling In the Deep’ MashUp!


Check out this great mash-up from one of Vicci & Adele’s fans!

Thanks to Victor Vargas for this video!

Adele & Vicci Martinez – Rolling In The Deep (Mash-Up) from Viztor14 on Vimeo.

Vicci and Family – Yes, that’s Vicci!



You’ve been asking for a picture of Vicci when she was a little girl.  Well here you go!

We don’t know the exact year this picture was taken but we don’t think Vicci’s worn that many ruffles in the last 15-20 years – total! That’s a beautiful family!

Happy Halloween to Vicci Martinez and the Vicci Martinez Army!

Thanks to @WarriorforLife for sharing this with the ARMY

I Spy Vicci & ‘The Voice’ Finalists at the Season 2 Blind Audition Rehearsals


Nbc’s ‘The Voice’ tweeted out some special photos Tuesday night of the final 4 contestants from season one. The final 4 were spotted at the season 2 blind audition rehearsals. Does this mean that we are going to see the final 4 sing on the Season 2 Premiere? We sure hope so. Information is still pouring in as we speak. Pictures were snapped of Dia Frampton, Beverly Mcclellan, Javier Colon, and last, BUT definity NOT least our little warrior herself Vicci Martinez! Nbc’s ‘The Voice’ tweeted “Reunited and it feels so good! We can’t wait to tell you what season one’s #top4 have been up to. Exciting things to come! #thevoice” Season 2 will premiere February 5th on NBC right after the Superbowl! Will we see Vicci taking the stage with her fellow friends to kick off the premier? You never know! Check out the reunited photo’s of the final 4 below!



Vicci’s ARMY Sending Birthday Love to Our Little Warrior


Here is a video of ViccisARMY members sending birthday love to Vicci. We all took photos holding signs of our favorite Vicci Martinez songs. She has touched all of us on so many levels that we wanted to show her how her songs have an impact on others. We LOVE you Vicci. We were lucky enough to find out that Vicci got to see our video and loved it. Thanks to everyone who participated! Now what to do for XMAS. Hmmmm…..lol

The Friendship of Vicci & Emily aka “Valentinez”



I don’t think “The Voice” new what they were doing when they paired up Vicci and Emily as roommates during the show. These two girls together are all kinds of trouble, but the good kind of trouble! They play jokes and pranks on each other just as best friends would do. For example almost a month ago Vicci was staying at Emily’s place and just happen to leave her Twitter Account open on the computer. Well being the prankster that Emily is she went on Vicci’s Twitter and started posting random funny things that not only shocked people but made them laugh. All I know is I would love to be in the company of both of those girls because I know it would most definitely be a great time! I posted a video of Emily and Vicci singing Pink’s “Perfect” song. It was fun to watch them throw jokes at each other with huge smiles on their faces! You can just tell how much of BFF’s they are! Below I also added a photo slide for all you “Valentinez” fans. Yes I said it “Valentinez.” Most of us Vicci fans are also huge Emily fans so we came up with a mash-up name so you will always know who we are talking about! Hey, maybe they will even read this and start using it! It would rock to make it a trending topic wouldn’t it? LOL!

-Christina R.




“I Was Here” by Beyonce, as Covered by “Valentinez”


Vicci Martinez rocking out on guitar while BFF Emily Valentine belts out her version of ‘I Was Here” by Beyonce! How can you not love these two women?! They complement each other so well. I had to share this with the world since I know we have so many “Valentinez” fans I love these two women so much and they love each other the same! What a beautiful cover!



Vicci Get’s a New Ride! She Will Definitely ‘Enjoy This Ride’


Check out Vicci Martinez’s new ride! She opted for the black Audi! Great choice Vicci! ENJOY THE RIDE! Vicci’s close friend and former ‘Voice’ roommate Emily Valentine was happy to tweet us this sweet picture! Thanks Em! Hey Vicci can I get a ride??

Emily also sneaked a photo of Vicci signing for her car yesterday and posted it via Twitter! Vicci is looking very intense. I think she’s thinking “am I done signing my life away yet?” LOL Either way Vicci you are so adorable.


LIVE at The Schubicle w/ Vicci Martinez (7/6/11)


Here’s another fun video we found of Vicci performing in a cubicle that they call the Schubicle

Thanks to schube93 for this YouTube video