I Love You in the Morning


released Jul 09, 2010

I Love You In The Morning - Vicci Martinez

Music and Lyrics by Vicci Martinez, except “Love of Life” by Vicci Martinez and Katie Gray
© 2009




Tracks 1-9 of this release show Vicci Martinez versatility as a musician.  These tracks were written for local Tacoma dance company MLK Ballet.  At the same time we’re also reminded that Vicci is not only a musician but a moving lyricist. The last track, Lover’s Embrace gives just a sample of that talent.

Tears on my face
a Lovers Embrace
and I found my place
in your heart

How could this be
To live in this dream
And now that I know
you’re the one for me

cuz love can be perfect
when two agree
that perfect means
what will be we’ll be ….

Sunrise – 4:55

Diddii – 3:46

Perfect Soul – 4:33

The Waking ; 3:55

Chasing – 2:43

Crushed – 2:51

All of Me – 3:43

Pulling My Heartstrings – 2:55

I Love You In The Morning – 3:40

Love Of Life – 4:01

What You Believe – 3:52

Enjoy The Ride – 5:53

Every Heart – 3:01

Is It Rain – 4:27

Lovers Embrace – 3:51


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