Same Kinda Thing

Same Kinda Thing - Vicci Martinez

Released Jun 28, 2011
(original release Aug 04, 1969)

Same Kinda Thing - Single - Vicci Martinez

In 1984 the band Talking Heads had a hit with Take Me to The River – many people didn’t know that song was a cover of a hit from Syl Johnson that reached number 7 on the charts in 1975. Syl Johnson had several R&B successes during the late 60s into the early 80s. He backed away from the music business but recently has been back on the circuit – now somewhat of a legend. Vicci has been working with Syl and Same Kinda Thing is her second iTunes release of a solid Syl Johnson tune, this one originally released in 1969. Vicci’s voice takes on a different tone in these R&B tunes from what listeners may be used to – a bit lighter capturing the mode of the times – but the groove is definitely there – have a listen.


  1. Awwwww!!!! She looks so cute! I love her hair like that!

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