First Day for New Site


Hello Vicci Martinez Army!

We want to know whether you think this site is a good idea and what kind of information you want us to find, create and share with you.

So please take a moment and leave a comment on this post to say hi to us and tell us what else you’d like from this site.

We’ll also try to pass this information on to Vicci Martinez (no promises, although she has been nice enough to follow us on Twiiter @VicciMartnzArmy.)

So make a comment now and be a Vicci Martinez Warrior For Life – Fighting the War for Love!

Note: if you don’t see the comment box below then click on the title “First Day for New Site” above to go to the post page.


  1. nicnaughty1 says:

    I am loving this site, its f**ing awesome!!! Thank you Christina and Val. You guys did a wonderful job. Vicci is going to love it!! We are all warriors for love/life fighting for love. #truth #love #freefromfear

  2. Wowie i am loving the site you two did a great job.Keep up the great work. <3 =] Love and Light a fellow warrior for life.

  3. Alexaandra says:

    Amazzing job you two!! What an awesome site. I’m sure vicci will love it too. What dedication you guy’s have to bring this to all of us who are true vicci warriors. I am so glad I have a place to go visit vicci whenever I want! 🙂

  4. Thanks for doing this! I am so glad I can go to just one site for the videos and info.Very cool 🙂

  5. Candice Adams Roma says:

    Love the site! Especially the “Demand” button. Totally want Vicci to come to Austin. Love that woman.

  6. Great Great Job on the site! So glad that Vicci loved the site, what you guys did is amazing!

  7. iisierra says:

    LOVED the idea of you guys creating this website ! I’m a fan of hers for life!!! Superb talent! Can’t have enough of her music!

    • DITTO…I have become a huge fan of Vicci and this site is great. Thank you Chris and Val, you are the lieutenants of Vicci’s army!

  8. Albert Ornie says:

    I think Vicci should have won. Dog days are over best of the whole show. I am in Portland Oregon and would pay to see her in concert. I dont go to concert but hers I would. I wish nothing but the best for Vicci.

  9. Pamela Hay says:

    Few performers are as charasmatic and talented as Vicci. Her stage presence is awesome. I wouldn’t sit through a 2 hour concert of anyone else on The Voice but I’d watch Vicci for hours. It comes across so strongly that she is enjoying singing and performing, you just enjoy it along with her. The other contestants on The Voice were so serious – she just beamed through every performance. Don’t forget to come to Canada Vicci – we love you here too!

  10. Kimberly Softich says:

    Fantastic! Great job 🙂

  11. Love the new site. I think it’s a great idea. Vicci is amazingly talented and it’s awesome her fans have a place to follow her incredible journey. So looking forward to what she will bring ithe future. Thanks for putting site together! 🙂

  12. Ryan Dexter says:

    I love the New site! is a really great dedicated true fans site for such a talented most respected Music artist The Warrior Vicci Martinez! 🙂

  13. Christine says:

    Loving the site you guys, keep it up!

  14. jessyka says:

    Esse site é PERFEITO *-*

  15. Kelli Edgington says:

    As I have said before this site it awesome and you both have done a “fan”tastic job!!!!! How do we get our profile pics to show up though when we leave comments? Just curious!!!!!!

    Thanks for everything!!!

    • Hey Kelli – we’re working on allowing folks to become members on the site which will allow you to have pics. Coming soon…. I hope!

  16. I love this website! All things Vicci: AWESOME!!!!

  17. John Manley says:

    Great fan site. Thanks for doing this. Here’s link to several front row videos of Vicci at Art on the Ave in Tacoma yesterday

  18. Michelle says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE to see this woman perform. I was sad to see The Voice end because I so enjoyed seeing her every week. BUT my reward has been being introduced to her original works. I hope The Voice did not make the public view her solely as a cover artist looking to ride into fame on the success of someone else’s coattails. VICCI Martinez is even more solid as an artist/musician/performer when she stands on her own material!

  19. Congratulations on this site, it is done beautifully, it sure shows how much love was put into it’s design.
    I am forever be a fan, she has such passion for what she does.

  20. I can not believe the work and passion in this site. You guys are truly representing Vicci Martinez in the brightest light.

    This woman deserves the best representation out there. Of course what better way to do that than with her fans helping her accomplish this…..

    I am so proud of this site, I want to be part of Vicci’s Army. Just filled full of happiness right now!

    Love and strength Vicci… “Begin Within”

    • Emily – Thank you so much for you words of support for this site! We are really trying to make this the best place for all of Vicci’s fans to find out about her and help spread the word of what an amazing performer she is. It’s incredible how she has touched so many people with her talent and positive outlook on life and love.

      Thanks again! We’ll keep making this stie the best we can – and we look forward to you contributing and spreading the word too!


  21. Adriana says:

    just want to say that what you did on this website is awesome! im addicted to it i check like constantly! lol i love re-watching Vicci’s live perfomances.

  22. Adriana says:

    love the website keep up the good job!

  23. warriorforlife says:

    FANTASTIC SITE YOU GUYS!!! (you know I’m a huge fan)

    I think there should be a ‘chat’ link so that the army can talk to each other. Just someplace we can chat about our experiences w/ The Warrior. (maybe Vicci will join one time.)

    Just a thought,


  24. Pamela Hay says:

    Oh wow – I just watched the video you have here of her solo performance at the Freedom Fair. Wow – she is so talened. I think this is my all time favourite performance of any cover song she has done. It was her totally unique version of the song. And she is so talented on that guitar too. I love this site – I come to it every day to watch all the wonderful videos that you post. Keep up the good work – I hope Vicci comes once and a while so she can see all the work and love you have put into it. I hope over the months we can all get thousands to join.

  25. dailydrudge says:

    There is a Best of Western Washington on King 5 for Best Local Artist and Vicci isn’t close to being on top. Can you get the word out. You can also vote on Facebook. Just FYI

  26. Cindy Schenker says:

    This site is AWESOME seriously AWESOME! the video of the live performance showed such a true passion for her love of music!!!!!!!!! Great job on the site Val!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  27. Baby socola says:

    Hi Vicci i love ur voice …love ur style…all about u…..but i from Vietnamemese.i dont now how to connect to u.Hope time to can know anything from u. Baby.

  28. I had to come on here and say that I like your style, I like your good energy and I fucking love your voice! You really are something special. Keep going forward and all things are possible. Best of luck in all your endeavors. Can’t wait for your new album (tweet release date pls).

  29. I really enjoy visiting this site! You do an amazing job. Thanks for the new photos and videos!!!

  30. James Marshall says:

    On all the REALIITY websites about the TOP moments of the year, your’s and Nicki’s “Perfect” ranks as number one with me. The performance, like Blake said, was the SUPERBOWL of performances. Gritty, gut wrenching and honest. You should put that on a CD. I downloaded and play it my car ( a convertible) all over San Diego, blaring LOUD. Next to Kelly Clarkson singing, “Natural Woman” on Idol, your performance of “Perfect” was by far one of the best in reality TV history. It was, “F@@cking Perfect”. I promoted Wynonna, Olivia Newton-John and Tiffany in the 80’s and would love to work with you. You are a star!

  31. Lots of fun and good feelings when you sing! Did awsome tune on leno. Keep going cause you are good. Its interesting to watch you change your style and your presentation. First saw you in Eugene a couple of years ago and you were fun then but a much smoother performance at Leno show. Keep rolling and hope you get to oregon sometime so I can see you again.

  32. is come along going to be on new album as sung on jay leno ,or different,tks mike

  33. Loving this site. Thanks for the tweet. Vicci is the bomb. Luv her!!!! Cannot wait for the new CD.

  34. Love the site! Vicci, heard you on KJR in Seattle last week and thanks SO MUCH for sending them a copy of your new song! It is one of the best I’ve ever heard!!! Can’t wait till I can get it.

  35. LynnMarie says:

    Watching season 2 of The Voice. Enjoying it but there is no Vicci Martinez in the group. You blew my socks off day one. Waiting impatiently for the new CD.

  36. this is awesome more info thnx a lot

  37. Kathleen says:

    I am with Vicci ALL THE WAY ( hey, I that was a song by Frank Sinatra). Any who VICCI is so in the moment, whoever her PEEPS are they are rockin it. Please tell Vicci I love everything about who she is and what she is doing. If she should ever need me for anything please call!

  38. MoGhraidh says:

    Good Morning! I am trying to make a mercy purchase thru the site but northing seems to process after I enter my personal info and click on ‘continue’. Is it me? LOL

  39. MoGhraidh says:

    So sorry. Trying to make a merchandise purchase . . . . it was auto corrected.

  40. Hey guys! Just wanted to say thanks again for all you do! You guys are amazing at keeping ViccisArmy up to date on all things Vicci and I appreciate that! Just when I think Ive seen all videos and interviews and pictures you guys prove me wrong! And in this case I love being wrong! Ha! Thank you so much!

  41. Will you be coming to New England anytime soon? We would love to see you in New England!!!!!!!

  42. Carl Holden says:

    When does the Vicci Celo track hit the airways, and where is the promotion? She is a Star in waiting, will someone acknowledge that? Love her vibe and the talent but it is time too shine!! Vicci nation lets GO!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Carl – Come Along is being played on some radio stations but not enough of them! Unfortunately it looks like there isn’t a lot of promo support coming from the label so its up to Vicci and team, and ViccisARMY. We recommend calling your favorite radio stations and requesting that they play the song.

  43. Loved having you on my radio show today. You are doing everything and I can’t wait to see you live in LA

  44. Yajanetsy Ruano says:

    Vicci!!! 🙂
    Are you ever gonna be in Utah at all!?!! or NEAR IT atleast!!
    Love u!!!!!

  45. I saw you for the first time when you opened up for startship in spokane Washington!! You were awesome then and now very awesome!!! Your a rising star!! Good luck and keep up the good work!!!

  46. Love it!! Love her!!! and want to see her!

    My mother listened to “jolene” everday when I was a baby, met Sherrie Austin, listened to her version for years and now….. well I can’t stop listening to you Vicci. All my favorites and YOU ROCK GIRL!

    Come to Pensacola, darling. I can work the details!


  47. Vicci, I’m a 58-year old beginning to find my voice and taking vocal lessons from Shavon Russell-Jones at Music And Rock School. She’s another incredible talent, just like you are! I wish I had access to the music notes/chords for “Let Go” as I’d love to perform it in the Music And Rock School 2015 spring concert that the students put on! I connect to that song like you do….as it relates to our dads who have passed on. Thank you soooo much for writing it! I love it and began singing it in my “studio” (my car), after I downloaded The Voice performance of it from iTunes. Fabulous! Never give up on your dream; your gift of song and songwriting! Thanks for whatever you can do, your FAN, Deb Brooks, Cary, NC

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