Vicci Martinez Lyrics Project


We’ve had a lot of fans ask us if we have lyrics to Vicci Martinez’s songs.  Well, we’re getting there! We’ll bet that there’s a fan out there somewhere who has the lyrics to your favorite Vicci Martinez song.  Maybe it’s you!

So we’ve put together a forum where people can contribute lyrics for Vicci’s songs.  Once we get them together we’ll probably set up a separate section for them. But let’s see how we do at gathering them.  This is a fan site – so lets get our community of fans together and get these lyrics so that we can all enjoy them.

We’re asking that you register if you want to post.  This will allow you to also upload a picture/avatar for your posts and comments throughout the site.

We’re kind of new at this forum business, so hopefully it will all work well, but please let us know if you develop any questions.

Click here,  Vicci Martinez Lyrics Project, or on the link in the menu to go to the Forum!

Thanks ViccisARMY!


Christina and Val




  1. Hi, I’m a fan of Vicci from Indonesia. I’m so glad you’re building lyrics section in this fan-site because the problem of living in Indonesia is I can’t get my hand on Vicci’s stuffs (iTunes/ CDs/ DVDs/ albums) (I couldn’t even watch “The Voice” straight from the TV since the show is not available in my country — to be able to watch it, I have to download it). My only sources of her songs is from her official website, MP3s and YouTube, but I can’t sing along because I don’t know the lyrics. So yeah, I’m so looking forward to this project to come.

    Btw, doesn’t her lyrics are provided in her CDs/ albums, no?

    • So far her CD’s have not included the lyrics. So we’re just having to gather them up as we can. Are you able to view the videos we have on the site OK? I’m sure we’ll get all the lyrics up on the site. Keep an eye out for them!

  2. Christine says:

    Just an FYI, I’ve got a slight bug when I view the forum in firefox. It seems to shift to the right…

    I’d send a screenshot and the code to fix it (I know exactly how you can fix it lol), but I’m not sure I can post that here, haha. So I guess, if you want, just shoot me an email?

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