Vicci Martinez and Her Army

Vicci Martinez has the Power

She has the power to move people.  In this section you can see that in action.  Whether it is moving people towards a better place in their life or moving them to smile.  Sometimes its moving them to drive all day just to see her perform. Take a look at the stories and at the pictures, we think you’ll be moved too.


  1. Jasmine Martinez says:

    hey you guys, im viccis neice?? so if you want some inside scoop just let me know 🙂

    • Thanks for coming by Jasmine. Of course! We’re always interested in the scoop on Vicci. I sent you an email and will of course let Chris know too!

    • You better check with your aunt on that one! LOL How about you tell us what your favorite song is by her!?

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