Vicci’s gonna cry – she is

Vicci Martinez Tweet in response to site

We never want to make Vicci cry – but if it’s tears of joy I guess that’s OK! So glad Vicci likes this site and hope you do to! Don’t be shy , tell us what you think.- (if you’re on the home page click here to make a comment.)


Welcome to the new site for Vicci Martinez Fans

This site has been created by two of Vicci’s fans who want to support Vicci and her career.  We also want to welcome all the other fans to read, listen and participate in the activities here. Please share the site via the Facebook Like button, Twitter and by word of mouth.

We’ll try to make this a portal for all things Vicci and will occasionally add other information that is relevant to her music, style, and career. Feel free to add your comments by using the Leave a Comment link available at the top of most posts.

The main reason we’ve gone this far with our admiration is that Vicci is a talented musician and a magnetic performer who obviously has a huge heart.  We can’t help but support her!  We’re just getting started, so look around, enjoy and  keep an eye on this site, there is more to come.

As Vicci often says when closing her shows:
Take Care of Yourselves and Each Other!

– Christina and Val