Exclusive Interview with Darcy Gilmore – makeup artist on The Voice


So many of Vicci Martinez’s fans enjoyed seeing the outward transformation of Vicci on the Voice while knowing that she was the same Vicci inside.  We thought we’d ask makeup artist Darcy Gilmore, who worked with Vicci on the show, a few questions.

Darcy was kind enough to respond, knowing that the questions were coming from Vicci’s fans.


ViccisARMY: Often on the Voice it seemed to be all about Vicci’s eyes! Does Vicci just have beautiful eyes that are easy to work with, or is it more about the shade, liner or even brand that is used?


DARCY: Yes, Vicci has the most beautiful eyes. She is blessed with an ample lid which can take both an almond shape look with a light lid and an upper liner or a smokey eye effect with a dark pigment on lids and crease then tons of lashes. And it doesn’t hurt that she has long lashes herself so that on the days we shot off stage we only curled her own and applied mascara.


ViccisARMY: Vicci usually doesn’t wear much if any makeup, but she’s said that towards the end she was almost begging for more to achieve a look.  Did you have to convince her to wear makeup early on?

DARCY: We never had to talk Vicci into wearing makeup. She learned to trust us. We asked her in advance and collaborated with her on what image she wanted to project and she really wanted to hear our suggestions. Also, her wardrobe was taken into consideration as well. She was a good soldier and came into see us always on time and was a joy to work with. She understood makeup and hair were important and made herself available to us.

ViccisARMY: Were you involved in the decision to do the under eye “warrior” stripe for Love is a Battlefield?  How did that come about and were you concerned about it working properly?

DARCY: Yes, it was my idea to do the warrior paint under her eyes. I like to watch the rehearsals during the week to get inspiration and idea’s. That is easier once I have seen the staging of a song. I know that Ceelo’s comments about her doing her tribal dance when she sings also triggered the idea. “Love is a Battlefield” reminded me of literally going into battle and I had a vision of someone fighting for love and combat with Ceelo and his boys. As soon as I mentioned the idea of “warpaint” she jumped up and sang the line and knew exactly when she would apply it. We didn’t practice until day of show and before we did her beauty application. She did it a few times to get the feel then it was assumed it would work perfectly. Which is did….thankfully.

ViccisARMY: Any other comments you’d like to share about working with Vicci Martinez?

DARCY: I also did another specialty makeup for the tribal dancers/ drummers for Dog Days Are Over. Again it was inspired by the music and drumming but I wanted it to be clear they were drumming for her personally. I created templates of the looks for them and free hand painted them. I wish the home audience would have seen that we painted her initials on their forearms. It was supposed to be a wink with captial V and M.

I love that Vicci understands imaging and that will take her far in her career. It is obvious that some of the biggest artist out there are visual artists as well. I happen to be personally lucky that she used makeup and hair in this situation to express herself. She is a rockstar!

ViccisARMY: Thanks so much Darcy! We all loved watching Vicci on that show and know she loved having you work with her!  Can’t wait to see what’s next for both of you!



More about Darcy Gilmore: Darcy Gilmore has been busy for the last 18 years building a clientele and reputation for her specialty in beauty makeup for A-listers including: Arianna Huffington, Suze Orman, Gayle King, The Dutchess of York Sarah Ferguson, Ricki Lake, David Beckham, Rosie O’Donnell, Carrie Fisher, Dave Navarro, Lisa Ling, Paula Abdul, Rachel Zoe, Jenny McCarthy, Michael Michelle, Fergi, Giada De Laurentiis, Marla Maples, Jeff Foxworthy, Cheryl Tiegs, Brooke Burke, Twiggy and Kristen Cavallari.  Since January 2006 she has worked on 54 television shows and 26 Editorials.

Ms. Gilmore’s philosophy is that there are no true makeup rules anymore. She explains, “Some people are tied to their old habits, and you have to be open and creative at times. A new idea or invention can be created as a result of necessity. Additionally, for many women their makeup look has remained the same as it was when they felt best about themselves, and they don’t realize they can take years off just by seeing themselves through someone else’s vision.” Often she is there for a total client consultation including: makeup, hair, and pulling a style together with wardrobe.