Wish Vicci a Happy Birthday with a Gift of a Gift!


You can join other ViccisARMY members to wish Vicci Martinez a Happy Birthday on September 21st by “paying it forward”.  Here’s the plan!


We all know this has been a crazy year for Vicci.  Her new album is great but hasn’t received all the promotion she and all of her fans would like.  So what gift could we give to Vicci to thank her for the great music and inspiration she has shared with us?  All her fans could share her music with at least one other person.

Just imagine if every fan of Vicci’s on Twitter or Facebook or out there in the world gave the gift of her new CD VICCI to one other person!  That would be Tens of Thousands of albums sold and shared in the next 10 days! What a gift to Vicci! Lets make it happen! (and wait til you see how she’ll find out!)

So how do we do this?


1) Go to iTunes, Amazon or Bandcamp and buy her CD – there are options for how to GIFT your purchase to someone else. Maybe you can give it to one person – maybe you can give it to two or five or ten! Be creative and share Vicci’s music.  You know you’ll be making someone happy and creating a fan. (see details below if you’re not sure how to gift your purchase to someone else)

2) Here’s the really fun part… Get a piece of paper and a marker and write ” Happy Birthday Vicci! I gave one of your CDs as a gift” (or if you give several put the number in – such as “I gave 5 of your CDs as gifts”)

3) Now take a picture of yourself (ok – I like to send pics of my dog!) holding up that sign!

4) When you make your purchase you’ll get some sort of confirmation of your order via email.  Forward that confirmation, as proof of your gift,  WITH YOUR PICTURE via email to val@viccimartinezarmy.com.

5)We will take every picture we receive and make a giant poster with your pictures that will be GIVEN TO VICCI on her BIRTHDAY at the SHOW she is doing that night at The Brick in Roslyn, WA.   We will also make a special video for her so that she can have it and see YOU and all her fans!

It’s That Simple! Imagine Vicci’s surprise when she learns that her fans shared hundreds, or thousands, or tens of thousands of her CDs in just a few days – all as a Birthday gift to her!

But we have to move fast and ACT NOW!  We need you to send your gift and then send your copy of confirmation and your picture to us (email to val@viccimartinezarmy.com) by next Wednesday September 19th!



iTunes: Click to go to the album in iTunes at  http://bit.ly/KgYcIw .

On the page you’ll see the price info. Click on the arrow on the right and select Gift This Album then follow the steps to purchase and send the album to one or more friends!












On Amazon: Click to go to the page for Vicci’s CD VICCI http://amzn.to/MywDdv and over on the right side of the screen you’ll see a button that says Give album as gift:









When you  click that button you’ll get a form you can complete to send the gift that looks like this – just fill it out and follow the steps to send your gift:








You can also go to Bandcamp to give digitally or a physical copy of the CD.

Got questions? Post in the comments below or send us an email at val@viccimartinezarmy.com or  christina@viccimartinezarmy.com  or tweet Chris at @VicciMartnzArmy

Let’s do this!


  1. Wishing you a almost birthday,you truely are a gift to the world and so is your wonderful music ,continue to pay it forward as you do and be kind as you are to people and all will come back ten fold..Thank You for making beautiful music and sharing with others your special talent and thanks for the smiles…

    Best wishes , Hugs from Connie Hardy from your home town of Tacoma..belladolcesphotos.com

  2. Just Gifted 3 CD’s,,,such a great idea for an AMAZING artist, woman and individual! will send pic within a few days

    Hope to see you at the Brick! Happy Birthday early!

    Jules n John

  3. Happy 28th Birthday Vicci. I want to help you reach all the dreams you have for your life. I have gifted 2 CD’s to help spread the love for you. You are touching the lives of more people than you can even comprehend. As a result, people are connecting and meeting each other who might never have met. We all share the love of you and your message. One by one we are changing this world. Keep spreading your message of LOVE. You are my SUPER GIRL who CAN! I believe in you. <3 Hugs!

    Mardee, you're #1 Super Fan.

  4. Michelle Swenson says:

    What a fantastic idea!!! Another way to spread her beautiful music!!!!!


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