Vicci Martinez Playing Live at “Art on the Ave” in Tacoma, WA



Vicci Martinez playing on the main stage in front of Jazzbones today for the locals! Jazzbones is located in Vicci’s hometown of Tacoma, WA. She performed an acoustic solo act, she then took some time to meet some lucky fans. Here is some video and fan pictures from the event.


Video Courtesy of Twitter Army Member Proud LOVATIC


Photo’s courtesy of Twitter Army Member Kelli E. @Kelli1217


  1. Alexaandra says:

    Thank you for putting new pics of vicci all the time! Every picture you put up is amazzing because shes amazzing! My favorites are when shes with her fans!

  2. I got to hear this over the phone…..from Washington to Ohio!!!! Thanks to my aunt Paula and her partner Melody!!!!!!!!!!!!

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