Vicci Martinez Returns to ‘The Voice’



Vicci Martinez has her fans all riled up after she made a big announcement earlier today. Vicci will be back on ‘The Voice’s big stage, where she rocked us all with her rendition of “Dog Days are Over.” That’s when she hailed the title “Warrior'” from most of her fans new and old.

She will be performing her new song “Bad News Breaker” from her EP “I Am.” Vicci has been working with Enter-Exit-Stay for the last year to put together these awesome new songs.

Vicci even went as far to reach out via Twitter and Facebook to let us know that she has another big announcement tomorrow morning 10am Pacific Time. Hmmmm?? I wonder what this could be? A new album launch perhaps? Or maybe a tour? I guess you will have to check in tomorrow to find out!!

Last month Vicci performed her new album in Tacoma at the Centerfoce Benefit Concert. She displayed her new sound and those who went said it was amazing. She also released a music video for her song “Stay Awake” also from her new EP. Vicci’s EP is available on iTunes now and via her website.

Don’t forget to tune into NBC ‘The Voice’ at 8pm Eastern Time. Lets try to get Vicci trending on Twitter and Facebook by using the hashtag #VicciOnTheVoice. I will be live tweeting tomorrow night. Get your thumbs ready to support Viccis return to ‘The Voice.’

Vicci Martinez is Unleashed



Hey everyone I know we have been on a little hiatus and we apologize for that. But we are back and very excited to update you with all things Vicci! So ViccisARMY we are back and hopefully we will gain some new followers to our blog!! Ok now lets get to the good stuff: VICCI MARTINEZ

If you didn’t know Vicci has been working on a new album for over a year and half! The past few weeks she has been releasing a new song from that album on Tuesday’s at 10am Pacific time. That means YOU can go to iTunes and purchase the song before the album comes out. So far she has released 3 songs. “Bad News Breaker,” “Hard Earned Day,” and today she released what is my favorite so far “Unleashed.”

For this album Vicci has teamed up with Aaron Stevens and Paul Hirschl a local indie group called Goldfinch and hip-hop producer DJ Phinisey. According to an article from Vicci is billing them as a collaboration named: Vicci Martinez & Enter-Exit-Stay

Here is a YouTube video of Vicci and Aaron singing “Jolene” together.

Vicci stated that the music she’s doing is different take on her voice. If you listen to the 3 songs she has already released you can hear the difference from what she usually does. It takes on a more technical aspect to it. There’s also a more hip-hop sound but it’s not that different from what she did with her debut album ‘Vicci’ with Universal Republic.

So make sure to check every Tuesday to see if Vicci has posted a new song. Follow her on twitter @VIcciMartinez and @VicciNews You can follow us @VicciMartnzArmy

Vicci will also be unveiling her album on April 18th at 7:30pm at ‘The Rialto Theater’ in Tacoma, WA. This is an all age show and it’s a benefit concert for Centerforce.

There is so much more news to come so please stay tuned and check back for the latest news on all things Vicci!! Make sure to tell your friends about us and don’t be afraid to send us you thoughts and comments.

Vicci Martinez’s New Single & East Coast Tour Dates!




Hey all you fellow East Coasters out there, Vicci’s coming our way and we have the new tour dates! We need your love and support for our warrior plus you can get out there and see her live in action! For those who haven’t seen Vicci live yet, this is your chance to be blown away by her powerful and flawless voice. It’s the East Coast’s turn to enjoy the ride! Below are the Tour dates as of now. More will be added. To check the full list of tour dates visit Viccis’ website at I will be at the Philly Show on Tues 4/1 along with some other Army Members so if you are in the area come on by and say HEY!

Thur 3/27 Cafe 939 in Boston, MA
Fri 3/28 Rockwood in New York, NY
Sun 3/30 Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT
Mon 3/31 Jammin Java in Vienna, VA
Tues 4/1 World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA
Mon 4/7 20th Century Theatre in Cincinnati, OH
Wed 4/9 Schubas in Chicago, IL
Thurs 4/10 Varsity Theatre in Minneapolis, MN

Vicci is currently working on new music and an album! Get pumped up to hear some of the new music while you see her on tour. Vicci’s latest single ‘Otra Cancion’  is out now and you can buy it on ITunes  & Amazon . You  can also purchase it from Viccis’ website. Give it a listen below.


Vicci also has some awesome new merchandise on her website! You can get your own Vicci Martinez custom guitar picks! You can also the new beanie along with autographed photos and all of her albums! There are some wicked cool T-Shirts and another merchandise available as well.  Go pimp yourself out and wear your favorite shirt to her shows!!

The Vicci Martinez Army Would like to throw out a special thanks to the Radio Station: Latino 96.3 fm (Twitter:@latino963fm) in Los Angeles for all their support. They played Vicci’s song ‘Run Run Run’ from her self titled debut album “VICCI”. They are also playing her new single ‘Otra Cancion’ which ROCKS by the way! We would also like to thank all of the RADIO STATIONS  that played ‘Come Along’ and the ones that still are! Just a side note if you didn’t know, the  Music Video ‘Come Along’ made it all the way to #12 on VH1’s top 2o countdown! So I want to throw a shout out and thank EVERYONE that voted for it!

Tickets are available now for the East Coast Dates! As always, we will keep you updated with everything VICCI! Remember to follow us on Twitter (Twitter:@VicciMartnzARMY) and like us on Facebook!



Vicci Martinez is Golden on Styled Right Magazine


Darcy Camden, of Styled Right Magazine,  was kind enough to give us a copy of their current issue featuring our own Vicci Martinez. The online magazine features an interview with Vicci that is totally worth the read. The article showcases her amazing style and even includes an amazing acoustic performance. Make sure to click on the link on page 30 to view it for yourself! Vicci performs her new song “GOLD”, which is about her relationship with Tequila. It’s an amazing song that I got to see her perform live in Philly and I cant get it out of my head. I hope it makes her next album!! Check out the magazine below.



Quick Update On Our Girl Vicci Martinez!


Fresh Faces Fresh Music & Fresh Flavors with Vicci Martinez




There hasn’t been too much news floating around these days, but that could be because Vicci was in Sweden. Vicci was not only relaxing on her nearly month long trip, but it seems she was working hard on some new songs. As we know, she worked with some really amazing writers and producers last time she was in Sweden. Could this mean a new album is in the near future?? I sure hope so and am keeping my fingers crossed for some new amazing Vicci Martinez songs! Vicci was giving us some samples of some  new songs she was writing through her “Endless Summer’ YouTube videos. If you haven’t seen these videos PLEASE go to this link right now and watch them, share them, and subscribe to her channel!! She has been doing this not only for herself, but for YOU! So check them out. They are AMAZING!

In other news, Vicci was just added to what is being called “The Tony Lucca, Brendan James & Vicci Martinez Tour” If you don’t have your tickets yet check out our home page or VICCI’S page for tour dates and click on a town near you. Make sure you get your tickets before they sell out because this is going to be a great show! I already got my tickets for the Philly show on NOV. 5th and I can not wait to see all my VICCIS ARMY buddies again! It’s going to be a good time.

You can also catch Vicci along with Matt Nathanson & Parachute at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts on 12/12/13! They will be performing a night of acoustic music for a great cause- The Redwood Empire Food Bank! TICKETS ON SALE NOW!!! Only $35 and $25! A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Redwood Empire Food Bank. Tix here: Stay tuned for more Vicci Martinez updates. We are your ONE STOP VICCI NEWS SOURCE!

Vicci Marinez Gets Fans Involved with “Our Endless Summer” Via YOUTUBE



This summer has been very busy for Vicci Martinez. She’s been zipping from coast to coast and playing at way too many shows for me to even count or remember! Yet even with her incredibly insane schedule, Vicci has found a unique outlet not only for herself, but for her fans. She has called it “OUR ENDLESS SUMMER.”

The idea is that each week no matter where she is in the world (last week she did it from Sweden) she makes a YOUTUBE video. She then talks about what she’s feeling or thinking about at the time and either shares part of a new song she has written with us or a song she has already written that many of us may already know but fits the moment.

Vicci says in her first video for “OUR ENDLESS SUMMER” that she wants to give us sneak peeks at songs she’s writing or ideas of songs and bring us together to get our feedback and let her know what we are thinking. She says she wants to bring us into the process of it all and help her by leaving comments and sharing our thoughts with one another. I can’t speak for Vicci to what it feels like to make these videos, but for me it gives me peace and something positive to think about for 3 minutes or so. Let’s just say that it puts me in a better mood because the way Vicci speaks. She just has that effect on me. She makes me think about all the important things in life and to let the little petty crap go. THANK YOU VICCI! vicciendless

So far Vicci has made 5 videos and you can check them all out on her YOUTUBE channel. Please make sure you subscribe to her channel. I am going to list the 5 videos that she has posted so far down below. Please watch them, share them, tweet them, facebook them, like them, and leave her a comment. She wants to read what you think! I promise you she reads as many comments as she can so don’t be shy!






This just added is Vicci’s 6th episode of “OUR ENDLESS SUMMER.” She cover’s label mate DRAKE’s new single “Hold on We’re Going Home.” It sounded so AMAZING I had to run to the computer and add it to this article for you all too see! So here is it below. Make sure you like it, share it, and leave her some positive comments! Thanks!


To see more of “OUR ENDLESS SUMMER” videos and a ton of other amazing Vicci Martinez videos Subscribe to Vicci’s YOUTUBE Channel by Clicking on this LINK and hitting that subscribe button! Don’t forget to share, comment, and like those videos as well.




Want to see Vicci Martinez perform live at the O Music Awards for FREE? Well, in just 6 short days that’s exactly where you could be!

Gotham Casting has reached out to The Vicci Martinez Army in search of die hard fans who would like to be part of this 24 hour event featuring 50 bands. Artists range from Hanson all the way to Kate Nash, along with our little warrior.

You can reach out to Gotham for a chance to attend this event with the info below. Fans selected to attend this event will stay for 3-4 hours of live music! Please note this is a casting and not everyone will get it, but it’s certainly worth an email if you are able to attend the event!! If you get in you must also have a valid ID! So make sure you bring your ID with you.

Fans could be cast into one of many 3-4 hour slots of live music. You will be notified via email as to which slot you have been cast for ahead of time.  Be sure to put ‘Vicci Martinez’ in the subject line of your email so they know that is your preference.  They want fans to be at their favorite artists performances and this is how they’ll know you want to see Vicci! If chosen you will be allowed to bring a guest or two with you. Just make sure to include how many guests you would be bringing in your email to Gotham.

Get those “selfies” ready! (You could be on TV!)

WHAT:  O MUSIC AWARDS (Celebrates the best in digital music)


WHEN: JUNE 19 & 20

TICKET CASTING INFO: Email to request free tickets.
-Include “Vicci Martinez” in the subject line
-Include your name
-Include your age (18+up)
-Include a photo
-Mention who you would like to see take home an award
-Indicate how many guests you would be bringing if chosen (+1 or +2)

If you are chosen you will be contacted by Gotham Casting and they will give you the full details of how the event works and what time to show up. You will most likely be staying for 3 bands/artists including Vicci!

Nominees as well as award categories can be seen on the O Music Awards Website. For more information on the event click here

Vicci Martinez’s Video ‘Come Along’ Hits Our TV’s as Her Song Hits #19 on the Charts




“Best Show in My Life!”

That’s right, you heard it here. Vicci has dubbed her recent show in Napa, CA the best ever.  Just a few weeks prior to that Vicci took part in Live at 35, presented by my103.9. She performed for some lucky SouthWest airlines customers at 35,000 ft in the air! What a combination!

Best show followed by best day of my life? That we do not know, but surely April 5th is a day Vicci will remember for a long time. The official music video for ‘Come Along’, directed by Jon Jon Augustavo, is finally here and receiving great reviews. Andrew Villagomez from writes, “..the video is a simple feel-good number about joining together for a cause.” He also writes “..Martinez visualizes that in the video-which promotes diversity and unity-by having different races and sexualities come together for a joyful celebration.” Chelsea Lewis from writes, “ over the top story line is needed, because Martinez captures her fans by simply performing.” Atta girl! That’s what we like to hear.

We also like hearing things like VH1 picking up ‘Come Along’ into their video rotation. Yes, Vicci is officially back on the big screen! The ‘Come Along’ video was even the “featured video” for about a day on Vevo. Anyone using Vevo to search for music videos would see ‘Come Along’ right on the home screen and have the chance to experience Vicci Martinez. We have also gotten word that ‘Come Along’ is featured in AMC and Regal movie theatres before previews begin! Vicci’s emotional song ‘Let Go’, that was written about her father, is even being featured during a key scene on Vh1’s ‘Basketball Wives.’


As of right now, Vicci’s video has more than 155k views on VEVO and the number continues to rise. Universal Republic continues to support Vicci by adding her video to their home page. They also stated that, “Come Along is the shimmering and soulful first single from her full-length debut album VICCI. Over a bluesy guitar twang, her smoky delivery rises as she trades verses with CeeLo Green. It’s an immediately recognizable anthem that illuminates her vocal prowess.” Seeing how they said first.. does that mean there may be a second single off of this album? Hmm.. I guess we will have to wait to find out.

Just after the release of the music video, Come Along broke in to the top 20 of the Hot AC charts. The big 19! This is HUGE. Keep on requesting, it’s working! We really need you guys to keep calling up the radio stations. It makes a HUGE difference. Digital sales for the single have been steadily increasing over the past year and more and more radio stations are adding the song into their rotations. Slowly, but surely more listeners are getting to experience Vicci Martinez. In turn, iTunes sales have been steady as well. All great signs when it comes to keeping Vicci high on the charts. So if you don’t have it yet, go get it now! What are you waiting for?! Get it on iTunes:

On April 11th Vicci was even featured on the Today Show, live from The Voice Set in Los Angeles. She spoke with Al Roker about her success since The Voice and her take on the ever popular battle rounds.

So far here are the Tour Dates listed for Vicci. Remember to always check back as she’s always adding in new events.

4/26-Tacoma, WA                    The Swiss
5/11 –Seattle, WA                   Chop Suey
5/23 –Long Island, NY             WALK “Girl’s Night” Out Event w/ Colbie Caillat
6/19 –San Diego, CA              KPRI Green Fash Concerts
7/6 –Pittsburgh, PA                 WBZZ Block Party
7/28 –Leavenworth, WA         Riverhaus in The Pines
7/29 –Leavenworth, WA         Riverhaus in The Pines





Vicci Martinez Shoots her Music Video for “Come Along”



March 9th, 2013.  The only thing important about this past Saturday was remembering to set ahead your clocks right? Oh.. and can’t forget those all important smoke detector batteries! NOPE! Now that all of the trivial things are out of the way, on to the good stuff!


This day also marks the start of filming for Vicci’s first Official Music Video. That’s right people, the filming for “Come Along” has begun! We will soon see the work of art that is being created with our little warrior as the star. Vicci is working with director Jon Jon Augustavo. Jon Jon is the director behind hit videos like “Thrift Shop” & “Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. These videos have already tallied up over 100 million views!




Fast forward to Sunday and Vicci joins the set with some lucky fans from the Seattle area. A few fans were able to help out as extras for the video shoot. From what we’ve seen the video it looks like it was a blast and that it’s going to great! Vicci was even surprised with a new guitar courtesy of Taylor Guitars. A sleek black guitar to match the theme of this video all too well. Vicci and her band looked amazing from the pictures we have seen and surely they sound just as good as they look.


So far, the debut single “Come Along”  has peaked at #21 on the Hot AC charts and #58 on the iTunes Top Pop Singles Charts. This video should help her to climb higher and higher!

Stay tuned. We will surely be posting the video as soon as we can get our hands on it!







Want to be in Vicci Martinez’s Music Video “Come Along?”



How would you like to be in Vicci Martinez’s video for her HOT single “COME ALONG?” Hey maybe she will even come with this lovely hairdo! HAHAHA JK JK JK GUYS! But hey she looks hot no matter what look she is sporting!

If you are a fan of Vicci’s and in the Seattle area this Sunday March 10th, 2013 they looking for extras!! There are some restrictions and you have to apply so there are no guarantees but get you information in now!

The following statement below comes straight from Vicci’s management so if you are interested please contact them ASAP!



Vicci is inviting a small group of her fans to help her out. She is looking for 20 – 25 men and women, between the ages of 18 and 35 to come make her video a successful one.

The filming will be between the hours of 11am and 8pm and you would be asked to stay for the entire shoot. Wardrobe requirements: No logos, no signs, no names, no jerseys.

Please be aware: We will be using non-toxic chalk dust to illuminate the crowd, hints of this to add color and to tie the connection Vicci has with her fans.

Wear something fashionable as if you were going to a live concert.  We will be providing a catered meal for those in attendance.

If you are interested in being a part, please email with an updated photo to be considered.  Thanks so much.

Beth Tallman

Heart & Soul Artist Management