Vicci Martinez Recording Deal Pending (come on, it’s in the bag!)

On Friday Vicci appeared on the Marty Riemer Podcast and shared that she had just talked with Universal Republic records about a recording deal.

Vicci said that the label wanted her down in LA on Monday the 11th to get started in the studio. “They’ve got an apartment and a car ready for me”.  The label evidently wants to get Vicci’s record our while she’s got momentum from The Voice and The Voice Live Tour.  “They want it done by the end of September.”

She also said there was a likelihood that she’d be going to Sweeden to work with a producer there that was recommended by the A&R at Universal Republic.  We think we heard her refer to the A&R as a”he”, so it appears she isn’t working directly with Kristina Grossman, the A&R from Universal Repbulic who was heavily involved in The Voice.  We’ll try to confirm that for you!

Fans can’t wait to see what the new record will include – we’ll bet Vicci can’t wait either!

Read more about who Vicci Martinez is writing with in Sweden.

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