The Friendship of Vicci & Emily aka “Valentinez”



I don’t think “The Voice” new what they were doing when they paired up Vicci and Emily as roommates during the show. These two girls together are all kinds of trouble, but the good kind of trouble! They play jokes and pranks on each other just as best friends would do. For example almost a month ago Vicci was staying at Emily’s place and just happen to leave her Twitter Account open on the computer. Well being the prankster that Emily is she went on Vicci’s Twitter and started posting random funny things that not only shocked people but made them laugh. All I know is I would love to be in the company of both of those girls because I know it would most definitely be a great time! I posted a video of Emily and Vicci singing Pink’s “Perfect” song. It was fun to watch them throw jokes at each other with huge smiles on their faces! You can just tell how much of BFF’s they are! Below I also added a photo slide for all you “Valentinez” fans. Yes I said it “Valentinez.” Most of us Vicci fans are also huge Emily fans so we came up with a mash-up name so you will always know who we are talking about! Hey, maybe they will even read this and start using it! It would rock to make it a trending topic wouldn’t it? LOL!

-Christina R.





  1. You need to check out the Halloween pix of Emily and Vicci on FB!!!

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