Ode To You


Song Title: Ode To You
Music & Lyrics by: Vicci Martinez

Jupiter, Venus and Mars
They don’t really matter
You lifted me through these stars
But you’re not there
And a fairy princess dances right above me
I smile from far away
Time must go on

But you fear a light that’s getting brighter
To long to take time to even care

Spinning in circles, I dance to your lullaby
The branches keep growing; your breath it keeps me alive
And closer away to all that once was simple
The honest heart she bares it all

And my strings sing your song
Of life and your story
You see the earth, turns for you
Ode to you

And I wait for the space
That your love it only fills
See this life, this life, it drifts away, you drift away
But you lift, you lift me up
So go on fly, fill my air
And lift me up, oh
So go on fly, fill my air
Lift me up, oh, go on, go on, fly, fly

Lift me up
Lift me up

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