Vicci Martinez Continues to Sail Through the Summer

Friday the 13th may be unlucky for some people, but not Vicci Martinez.  On Friday Vicci received recognition from noting her as a “Bubbling Under” artist of the week! Billboard does this every Friday.  It’s a weekly look at new and noteworthy acts making their way toward Billboard chart success! The article noted that her single “Come Along” ,which features Cee Lo Green, is receiving strong early support from a few radio stations. KWYE Fresno, CA.(Twitter:@Y101Fresno) had 75 plays in the July 2-8 tracking week, according to Nielsen BDS (Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems), and KCIX Boise, ID (Twitter:@Mix106) had 65. This single is from Vicci’s debut ,self- titled album VICCI. Vicci’s first album with Universal Republic peaked at #10 on the iTunes charts just a few short weeks ago and also hit the Billboard Heatseekers Chart at #10.

Vicci Martinez continues to sail through her West Coast Summer Tour with rave reviews. So far she has hit cities like Portland, Vancouver, San Diego, San Francisco, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Spokane, and Boise. There are a few dates and cities still listed, so go grab your tickets! We’re  sure that there will be more dates to come and we will have them for you as soon as they are added. A special Chicago date (July 27) was just added for CeeLo Green’s “Voices for Children” benefit.  Vicci will be  joining Jamar Rogers, James Massone and Cheesa for a “Team RedZone Reunion”, as some would say. If you are in that area you can but tickets here:

This won’t be the first time that Vicci has performed with Jamar Rogers. Jamar opened up for Vicci on some of her West Coast tour dates. He even stepped in and sang Cee Lo’s part in “Come Along”. People were actually calling these shows The Concert With the Heart of Gold! All over social media you would see people raving about how big Jamar’s heart was and how he and Vicci clicked so well.

 Brittany Frederick from reviewed Vicci’s San Diego show and couldn’t have said it any better: “Both performed material with substance and meaning behind it, and their performances were some of the most emotional this reviewer has ever seen in concert….This is what makes a concert worth going to. It’s not necessarily the sound of the music -but it’s the experience, the things that you can’t capture with a CD or iTunes download. It’s about sharing something with the artists and fellow fans”  Read her full review here.

Vicci’s debut album continues to get great reviews from critics of various backgrounds. Journalist Jacob Elyachar gave it an “A” the week it came out which, was better than Justin Bieber got. He gave Beleive  a “B+ “.  Big Red Chairs also gives props for Vicci’s decision to wait and put out a quality album and not just filler ” This album is very representative of Vicci Martinez the musician as well as Vicci Martinez the individual, and it was worth the wait.”

You can also help with writing reviews! If you haven’t written a review yet go on over to iTunes or Amazon and write what you think about Vicci’s new album! It not only helps other fans learn more but it also shows the label and radio stations that fans are interested in Vicci’s music and helps influence them in playing and promoting her. Remember it does matter!

I heard a rumor that she is currently working on a video concept for “Come Along.” This would be so awesome! I know everyone is waiting to see that! I wonder if Cee Lo is going to be in it or even if Vicci will even be in it? Hmmmmm… Ok now on to some fun facts about Vicci that I got from The Autostraddle Interview… So it seems that right now Vicci’s dream collaboration is to work with Eminem! HOLY CRAP that would be amazing, well if you are like me and like Rap & Eminem. Just saying! She explains why to Autostraddle:

  “I think he’s a great rapper, but I like the things that he talks about. And you know there used to be a point where I used to think that things were so negative but he kind of reminded me of Tupac. I feel like Tupac…I mean that’s somebody who I would have loved to collaborate with. But at the end of his years I feel like Tupac was starting to talk about things and was bringing awareness to so many situations and I think Eminem has the ability to do that and I would love to do something like that with him.”

Vicci says that she is currently listening to Janelle Monae recently and, of course, Bob Marley and Paul Simon. When asked if she had a favorite radio station song right now she asks the interviewer not laugh and then tells Autostraddle:

[laughs] “And I’m just being completely honest, I’m not even going to try to sit here and try to give you a cool answer. I’m just going to own up to it. This is pretty funny…I just downloaded Katy Perry’s album on Spotify. And I was like “oh, I already feel like I’ve listened to the whole album” because every single song on there was a single on the radio and then there’s a song called “Wide Awake” and I was like “yeah, I fuckin’ love this shit.” It’s great. And then I was listening to it over and over. My friends are like “Dude, what the hell? Turn this off.” And I’m like “shut up. This is great.” And then literally the next day I turn on the radio and it was Katy Perry saying “Hey, thanks for listening to Shoobie Doobie. This is my new single ‘Wide Awake’.”

Crap who doesn’t love them some Katy Perry right? As long as you didn’t say “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber, Vic, then we might have to check your temperature! Vicci goes on to share that her favorite lesbian movie is Gia and favorite show was The L Word. She has a friend that was on The REAL L Word. Vicci explained that she thought some of the show was made up ,but her friend said it wasn’t. She was surprised because she says was never that dramatic. She continues to talk about how she would love to use her song “Come Along” in Obama’s new campaign ,but doesn’t know how to go about it. So if anyone knows how, email us so we can help her out! She tells her coming out story which is great and you can read in the actual interview. I will post the link at the bottom of the page. There’s also a great story concerning the Christina Aguliera and Tony Luca controversy from season 2 of ‘The Voice.’ To read the full interview from Autostraddle: Click here:


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