Vicci Martinez Returns to ‘The Voice’



Vicci Martinez has her fans all riled up after she made a big announcement earlier today. Vicci will be back on ‘The Voice’s big stage, where she rocked us all with her rendition of “Dog Days are Over.” That’s when she hailed the title “Warrior'” from most of her fans new and old.

She will be performing her new song “Bad News Breaker” from her EP “I Am.” Vicci has been working with Enter-Exit-Stay for the last year to put together these awesome new songs.

Vicci even went as far to reach out via Twitter and Facebook to let us know that she has another big announcement tomorrow morning 10am Pacific Time. Hmmmm?? I wonder what this could be? A new album launch perhaps? Or maybe a tour? I guess you will have to check in tomorrow to find out!!

Last month Vicci performed her new album in Tacoma at the Centerfoce Benefit Concert. She displayed her new sound and those who went said it was amazing. She also released a music video for her song “Stay Awake” also from her new EP. Vicci’s EP is available on iTunes now and via her website.

Don’t forget to tune into NBC ‘The Voice’ at 8pm Eastern Time. Lets try to get Vicci trending on Twitter and Facebook by using the hashtag #VicciOnTheVoice. I will be live tweeting tomorrow night. Get your thumbs ready to support Viccis return to ‘The Voice.’

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