“VICCI” is Here & it was Worth the Wait


Well it’s finally here and it was definitely worth the wait! The self-titled debut album ‘VICCI’ by Vicci Martinez is now playing in headphones everywhere!  iTunes officially released the album on Monday, June 18th around 11pm Eastern Time. The official release date was scheduled for June 19th. Lucky for us Vicci fans, iTunes likes to release music a little early! WHOOOT! It quickly started climbing and by mid-afternoon Tuesday had hit #10 on the iTunes Pop Charts!

#ViccisARMY members and fans across the country flocked to iTunes to buy the album which contains 2 bonus tracks that the physical CD and other digital outlets do not have. The two extra tracks are called “Snake Charmer” ,which is about single moms, and “Alive” ,which is a very raw and emotional song. With the bonus songs the album was holding strong with a total of 13 tracks. The album includes the 4 songs from Vicci’s EP “Come Along” which was released back in May.

Prior to the release of  ‘VICCI’, #ViccisARMY members were out promoting the new album on media outlets as well as word of mouth. We asked them to re-tweet our tweets on twitter and come up with their own unique tweets. One of the most unique tweets was related to Justin Bieber, who’s album was also releasing the same day. The tweet read: “If @JustinBieber is your #Boyfriend, let @VicciMartinez be your #Girlfriend!  “VICCI” releases June 19th #BeStillBeFreeBelieve.”  We were doing everything we could to get our Vicci noticed. Some fans even sent tweets to other celebrities and asked them to help support Vicci and rewteet our tweets. Vicci had a lot of love from veterans of NBC’s The Voice. Some of those that helped the cause were alumni Beverly McClellan – also a finalist in Season 1 – Frenchie Davis, Voice roommate Emily Valentine and teammate Nakia from CeeLo Green’s Team. Coaches, CeeLo, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton also threw their support behind Vicci with tweets to their followers. Kristina Grossmann, A&R for Universal and Darcy Gilmore, who often did makeup for Vicci were also right there with the tweets. From Season 2, fellow Team CeeLo alums Julliet Simms and Jamar Rogers congratulated Vicci and had nothing but praise for the new album.. Jamar is also currently opening up for Vicci on her West Coast Tour!

Since the album dropped we have been keeping up with the iTunes music charts. Currently Vicci’s CD has peaked at #10 on the POP Album Chart and #60 on the overall iTunes Album chart! The album is holding its own and as of Wednesday evening was still in the top 20 at number 17. Yes, we are very proud of our warrior! Hopefully with word of mouth and some more promotion we can help her stay on the charts for a while. There are a number of ways that you can purchase Vicci’s album as well as her merchandise.( Side Note: You can buy merchandise including CDs, Posters, Bandannas, Tote Bags and more at any of Vicci’s live shows). Check out the links below for ways to purchase “VICCI.”

I Tunes http://bit.ly/KgYcIw

Viccis Web Site http://bit.ly/LWDOyb

       Amazon.com:  http://amzn.to/MywDdv

I have to  be honest, this is one of the only albums I have ever bought that I don’t feel the need to hit the skip button. Every song of this album is amazing and there’s something for everyone. The album features up tempo dance anthems like “I Can Love”, heartfelt ballads like “Hold Me Darlin” and “Let Go”, all the way to sexy/steamy songs like “Not Washing You Off of Me.” If you are a classic Vicci fan and enjoy her more soulful side then you will love “I Want Your Kiss” and “Touch That Fire.” Vicci does what Vicci does best and that is tell her story. She lets us into her heart and soul and helps us to feel what she is feeling. Motivating us with songs like “Come Along”.. teaching us to take a STAND! This album feels autobiographical and shes not afraid to let us in. Vicci always tells us that “We are all in this together” and I believe in that. She is taking us on a personal journey and letting us know that it is in fact OK to feel down sometimes. Her song “Little Faith” describes that feeling, but also reminds us that there will always be someone to help you back up.

This is only the beginning for Vicci. If you want to feel that raw emotion and listen to that powerful voice of hers, then you can catch her live on tour right now on the West Coast.  And of course.. for a “quick fix” don’t forget to order and/or download the new album, VICCI! You won’t be disappointed. Vicci promises to try to get to each and everyone of us very soon. So while you are waiting for her to come to a town near you (like I am) lets keep promoting her and loving her. One of the best ways to do that is by word of mouth. Make sure you are calling your local radio stations and requesting “Come Along.” Let them know that shes in the top #10 Pop iTunes chart and you want to hear it! Radio plays a big part in promotion. In fact a very HUGE part. Lets jump on board the Vicci train and get to work! Check out her West Coast Summer Tour Dates below as well as the links to contact radio stations! VIVA VICCI!!

West Coast Tour Dates:   http://bit.ly/KVaVVS

Radio Promotion: Top 40 Stations  http://bit.ly/JCOfHh

                                  Hot AC Stations   http://bit.ly/JBKC48