Triple Door Performances Blow ’em Away – as usual!


Vicci Martinez had two sold out shows at The Triple Door in Seattle Saturday. Fans couldn’t get enough!

Vicci Martinez at the Triple Door

photo by Mat Hayward


Long time fans and those who have only recently discovered Vicci Martinez packed the Triple Door, a favorite performing spot for the Vicci Martinez Band. Comments on Twitter such as “Big thanks to @VicciMartinez, her fantastic band and the Triple Door for such an amazing show last night… my ears and voice *still* hurt!” (@drsrcolfua)and “@VicciMartinez great seeing you last night… You were great as usual. “(@KingVic11) were the norm.

Vicci has been on a heavy travel schedule having been in Sweden last week working with Peter Svennson on songs for her new CD – scheduled for an end of September release.  Then she flew back to the US on Thursday for a show Thursday night at Clearwater Casino in Suquamish, WA, did an appearance Friday at the AFTRA Seattle meeting and her two shows at the Triple Door.  There’s no stopping this girl.

Her tour with the rest of the finalists and semi-finalists from The Voice starts on Wednesday July 27th at Universal City in LA.  We imagine if she’s not on a plane today, Sunday, she will be by tomorrow morning.  In between the tour dates she has other bookings.  Her manager has stated that she’ll be heading into the studio after her current set of bookings are complete.  Who knew that full time studio work could be like “time off”.

Can’t wait to see what’s next!