Triple Door Performances Blow ’em Away – as usual!


Vicci Martinez had two sold out shows at The Triple Door in Seattle Saturday. Fans couldn’t get enough!

Vicci Martinez at the Triple Door

photo by Mat Hayward


Long time fans and those who have only recently discovered Vicci Martinez packed the Triple Door, a favorite performing spot for the Vicci Martinez Band. Comments on Twitter such as “Big thanks to @VicciMartinez, her fantastic band and the Triple Door for such an amazing show last night… my ears and voice *still* hurt!” (@drsrcolfua)and “@VicciMartinez great seeing you last night… You were great as usual. “(@KingVic11) were the norm.

Vicci has been on a heavy travel schedule having been in Sweden last week working with Peter Svennson on songs for her new CD – scheduled for an end of September release.  Then she flew back to the US on Thursday for a show Thursday night at Clearwater Casino in Suquamish, WA, did an appearance Friday at the AFTRA Seattle meeting and her two shows at the Triple Door.  There’s no stopping this girl.

Her tour with the rest of the finalists and semi-finalists from The Voice starts on Wednesday July 27th at Universal City in LA.  We imagine if she’s not on a plane today, Sunday, she will be by tomorrow morning.  In between the tour dates she has other bookings.  Her manager has stated that she’ll be heading into the studio after her current set of bookings are complete.  Who knew that full time studio work could be like “time off”.

Can’t wait to see what’s next!


Vicci Martinez at Clearwater Casino – Suquamish, WA

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by Kevin Hawkins on July 22, 2011 

Vicci Martinez “for reals”

NBC’s “The Voice” finalist Vicci Martinez rocked, soothed, and soulfully enthralled the standing room only crowd that squeezed close to watch the pint-sized musical dynamo perform for free on the lawn of the Clearwater Casino Resort last night.

There’s nothing small about Martinez’s voice or the range of her musical talent as the guitar-playing, song-writing wunderkind showed the audience she can rock nearly as hard as Mick Jagger, be as bluesy as BB King, deliver a folk standard as strong as Sarah McLachlan, and occasionally lace in a jazzy Latin influence that would make Tito Puente proud. Her talent is simply huge.

Dubbed “The Voice of the Northwest” after finishing in the final four of the inaugural season of the hit TV show, the Tacoma-native Martinez told the audience she had just returned from Sweden, landing at Seatac at noon. “I haven’t slept in the last two days and I was afraid I was going to fall asleep on stage,” she confessed, which explained the Red Bull she consumed throughout her performance.


Martinez did the opposite: She gave another explosive performance that she and her band are known for, continuing her streak as the only group to have played every year of the Suquamish summer lawn concert series.

Confiding in the audience mid-show she said, “I used to not even know what 8:00 am looks like,” explaining that she is so busy now that when the clock hits 5:00 am she’s up and ready.  “I am doing what I worked my whole life for,” she said. “I am the happiest I have ever been.”

Martinez performed at Treehouse Café in April on Bainbridge Island. Before the show last night, Islander Amy Curran, who attended the Treehouse performance, noted that Martinez’s voice was “almost too big for Treehouse” and that an outdoor concert setting should suit her well. It did.

Despite the size of the venue which was packed by a diverse and eclectic crowd, Martinez clearly felt at home on stage, back with her band, performing for locals. She played from her own repertoire as well as songs she performed on “The Voice.” She got so comfortable during the show that she confessed, “I’m probably telling you too much,” pausing before adding her signature line: “I’m just being for reals.”

During her encore at around 8:40, Martinez affectionately referenced our Island, saying that she needed to end her set because “Bainbridge might push us out!”
photos & video by Keith Hawkins

Lastest News on Our Little Warrior Vicci Martinez

Well a lot has happened in a little over a week so let’s start with the big news first, Universal Republic is signing Vicci and we are trying to get her new CD out this fall!!! So we all took a minute and celebrated and then, have we got a lot of work to do..namely Vicci. If you have noticed it has been a little quieter than usual on FB and Twitter it has been because she has been busy writing and working with some amazing songwriters around the world to make the most amazing new CD for you.

…But of course she is taking a break to do what she loves most and play some dates as well as hitting the road with the other Top 8 Finalists from The Voice. After these shows, she will go into the studio and record so it will be a bit until you get to see Vicci live so if you have the chance to make it out to one of these shows, do so.

Thurs, 7/21 @ 7pm Suquamish Clearwater Casino in Suquamish, WA (FREE SHOW!!)

Sat, 7/23 @ 8pm (Sold Out)/11pm (Sold Out) The Triple Door in Seattle, WA

The Voice Tour

Wed, 7/27@ 8:15pm The Voice Tour-Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, CA

Sat, 7/30 @ 8pm The Voice Tour-MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV

Tues, 8/2 @ 8pm The Voice Tour-Rosemont Theatre in Rosemont, IL

Thurs, 8/4 @ 8pm The Voice Tour-Bank Of America Pavillion in Boston, MA

Fri, 8/5 @ 8pm The Voice Tour-Toyota Presents the Oakdales Theatre in Wallingford, CT

Sat, 8/6 @ 8pm The Voice Tour-Beacon Theatre in New York, NY

Wed, 8/10 @ 6:30pm University Village in Seattle, WA (FREE SHOW!!)

Fri, 8/12 @ 7:30pm Anderson River Amphitheatre in Anderson, CA

Sun, 8/14 @ 5:45pm Bayfront Blues Festival in Duluth, MN

Wed, 8/17 @ 12:00pm Two Union Square in Seattle, WA (FREE SHOW!!)

Sat, 8/20 @ 5:00pm Art & Soul Festival in Oakland, CA

(For more details click on the links below)

Thanks for the emails, posts etc., and hope to see you out at an upcoming show!!

Team Vicci

“The Voice” That Charmed the Nation


Vicci Martinez takes the road less traveled – and it is working out beautifully for her

Fresh from her acclaimed performances on NBC’s breakout hit show “The Voice,” Vicci Martinez is glad to be back in her hometown of Tacoma. Just this past weekend she made her second public performance a week after getting back from L.A. – at Art on the Ave, where she delighted the crowd with a free concert on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. (Her first performance was at Freedom Fair right after the day she got back. She was asked to give an impromptu performance, and she graciously accepted.)

The busy singer will not be in Tacoma very long, though. On July 8 she announced more than a dozen summer concert dates that will take her from coast to coast as part of “The Voice Tour – Final 8 Contestants” show. But before she leaves, she is giving local fans a chance to catch her at a free, all-ages outdoor show July 21, 7 p.m. at Clearwater Casino in Suquamish. Get there early – her two shows on July 23 at the Triple Door in Seattle have already sold out. She comes back to Seattle in August for a free show Aug. 10 at University Village, 6:30 p.m., and a free lunchtime show Aug. 17 at Union Square, noon.

Then it is into the recording studio for Martinez to work on her new CD so that it is ready for release this fall. She meets with recording industry executives this week in L.A. to continue mapping out where her career might very well go after so much success on “The Voice.”

“We’re already tied in with Universal Republic (Records) from the show, so that opportunity is now open on the label side of things,” she told Tacoma Weekly.

These are exciting times for this T-Town homegirl, as she begins a new chapter in her life – one that will require her to stick firmly to her guns to be herself in an industry that is more commercially-driven than ever. And it is her solid sense of self that is Martinez’s most powerful quality, made apparent during her long journey through a once in a lifetime experience called “The Voice.”


Just like she did from the small stage on 6th Avenue at Art on the Ave on Sunday, Martinez charmed people on a national scale once she walked onstage on “The Voice.” Her genuineness, humility and warmth came across immediately, and once she started singing, her spell was cast upon viewers everywhere. They voted Martinez all the way to the final four, and even though she did not take the top prize, it does not really matter in the end, for what is to be gained from “The Voice” is worth more than winning that one contest. Martinez made this clear to her co-competitors and the entire audience during “The Voice” final results show, amid the intense anticipation of who would be named the winner.

“During the commercial break, I yelled out to the audience that we all love each other and that we’re all winners,” she said. “I was so stoked that I was able to stay to the end. We were all ready for whatever happened.”

Now that the competition is over, she has had time to reflect on that whirlwind experience. When all is said and done, Martinez said, “I am just so happy.”

For years Martinez says she has mulled over the question of how she was going to make the leap to the next level in her music career. “Even just recently I was like, ‘how am I going to do that? What is going to be that kicker that gets me there?’ This show was exactly what I needed. It was a wonderful surprise.

“I’ve always felt that if people got to know my intentions with my music and who I am as a person, that would be the kicker for getting people to want to listen to me, not just because I have some hit song on the radio. I wanted people to see deeply that I’m not just about the fame and fortune. I want to do this to inspire other people out there.”

It appears that Martinez got her wish on “The Voice.” The viewing public embraced her from the minute she walked onstage during the premiere episode and she held their attention through to the finale.

“With reality shows, you can get cautious of how they (the producers) are going to make good TV, but we were ourselves and went from there.

“I went up to (Executive Producer) Mark Brunett afterward and I said thank you for letting me be me and not forcing me to do anything I didn’t want to.”


Martinez said that one of things she is most grateful for in her experience on “The Voice,” and in her life in general, is in how she has been free to just be herself. She mentioned her various looks on “The Voice” – that she knew she was taking a risk by amping up her hair and clothes instead of dressing down like she was performing at a local bar. “I was evolving so much as a performer. I asked for that make-up and that fauxhawk and for that warrior vibe. I was into it. I wanted to be Xena on the battlefield.

“I learned a lot about myself. I’ve opened a new door and a new part inside of me that loves that.”

More of her lifelong dreams were realized during the show. “I always had that dream as a little kid that I wanted to perform with the greats…being onstage with them.” At only 26 years old, Martinez has already worked with Sting, Annie Lennox, B.B. King, The Doobie Brothers, Etta James, Jonny Lang, The Presidents Of The United States Of America, Avril Lavigne, Bill Frisell, Jerry Cantrell and many more. On “The Voice” she gave a killer performance when she sang “Drops of Jupiter” with Train lead singer Pat Monahan. Cee Lo Green told her they would “forever be bonded” by their experience on the show, and even the legendary Stevie Nicks told Martinez she is destined for greatness. Martinez said she has been thinking about Nicks’ words to her ever since she got back to Tacoma.

“She told me, ‘Don’t waste five seconds. Don’t go home and get lazy.’ She said, ‘You’re a warrior – I know it’s going to be busy right now, but you can do it.’

To her Tacoma friends and fans, Martinez says she cannot do it without them. “Thank you for the support, for believing in me and for letting me be myself up there.

“The opportunities are huge now.”

Vicci Martinez Summer Tour Dates 2010- new dates JUST ADDED!


Find all of Vicci Martinez’ current Tour Dates on our Tour Info page


Fresh off NBC’s hit show THE VOICE, Tacoma native, Vicci Martinez is hitting the road before heading into the studio for what is slated to be a fall CD release!

Joining her fellow participants, The VOICE FINAL 8 will be playing a 6 city tour starting at The Gibson Center in Los Angeles and ending at the legendary Beacon Theatre in New York.

In addition to previously announced shows, we are adding two new shows:

1) a special late night show (11pm) at the Triple Door went on sale Friday July 8th at 5pm (see details below) and
2) a special free concert at University Village, Wednesday, August 10th.

Due to The Voice tour, we are also rescheduling the Anderson, CA show from Wednesday, August 3rd to a special show on Friday, August 12th.

A complete listing of upcoming shows is listed below. Vicci is here in large part due to YOU and your support. We look forward to seeing your Team Vicci war dance, live and in person. Vicci Martinez Army – If you’re going to one of Vicci’s Shows – please make a comment on this post and tell us where!

Vicci Martinez Tour Dates

7/21………………Clearwater Casino/Suquamish, WA (Free Show-All Ages)  Click for info
7/23……………..Triple Door/Seattle, WA ($18 Adv/$21 DOS-21+) 8pm show SOLD OUT.
**JUST ADDED: 2nd late show (11pm) is going on sale Friday July 8th  at 5pm!! Call 206-838-4333 or go online to order tickets. These will go fast.
The Voice Tour – Final 8 Contestants – for details see The Voice Tour Site

7/27………………Gibson Amphitheatre/Universal City, CA      ($150-225 VIP/Reg Tix $39.50-$59.50)
7/30………………MGM Grand Garden Arena/Las Vegas, NV  ($150-225 VIP/Reg Tix$29.50-$59.50)
8/2………………..Rosemont Theatre/Rosemont, IL                     ($150-225 VIP/Reg Tix $29.50-$69.50)
8/4………………..Bank of America Pavilion/Boston, MA          ($150-225 VIP/Reg Tix $24.50-$44.50)
8/5………………..Oakdale Theatre/Wallingford, CT                   ($150-225 VIP/Reg Tix $39.50-$59.50)
8/6………………..Beacon Theatre/New York, NY                         ($150-225 VIP/Reg Tix $29.50-$69.50)
**8/10……………University Village/Seattle, WA                         (Free show) 6:30pm
8/11 ………………Half Time set with the Seattle STORM           (see home page for details on tickets)
**8/12……………Anderson River Park Amphitheatre/Anderson,CA      (Donations) 7:30pm (Date moved from 8/3 to 8/12)

8/14………………Bayfront Blues Festival/Duluth, MN                (3 day ticket $95/Day ticket $40)5:45pm
8/17………………2 Union Square/Seattle, WA                              (Free Lunchtime Show) 12:00pm
8/20……………..Art & Soul Festival/Oakland, CA                      ($10 Adv/$15 DOS) 5:00pm

**Date changes or new shows added.

Vicci Martinez-Tour Dates…On The Road Again


Find all of Vicci Martinez’ current Tour Dates on our Tour Info page


Vicci Martinez Tour Dates Added!

Something Special For the Locals!

Click on link below.


2nd Show added at Triple Door on July 23rd

Vicci Martinez just added a 2nd late show Sat, 7/23 (11pm) at Triple Door. Tix go onsale at 5pm (PDT) today, July 8th at 206-838-4333 or